Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

University Of Louisville Threatens To Discipline Faculty Who Don't Teach Classes In Person

Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Louisville Threatens to Discipline Faculty Who Don't Teach Classes in Person:

LouisvilleUniversity of Louisville faculty, staff and students are in an uproar over the administration’s refusal to allow classes to be taught remotely.

As the new semester began Monday, more than 500 professors, staff, students, parents and other community members have signed a petition to allow courses to be offered online. ...

Citing a directive from Interim President Lori Stewart Gonzalez, Professor David Owens, the interim dean of arts and science, told department chairs Sunday that courses designated as in-person may not be moved online and “violations may result in discipline.”

He said Gonzalez made it clear there is "no wiggle room" on the policy. ...

Ricky Jones, chairman of the Pan-African Studies department and a columnist for The Courier Journal, said he would defy the order if necessary. "I am not going to punish a faculty member who tells me they feel unsafe, even if it means I am removed as chairman," Jones said.

Inside Higher Ed, U of Louisville Threatens ‘Discipline’ for Remote Teaching

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