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Sunday, May 19, 2024

6-Year-Old Girl Bravely Saves NYU Law Commencement With Hand-Drawn Purple Heart For Dean After Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupted Ceremony

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New York Post, 6-Year-Old Girl Bravely Saves NYU Law Commencement With Hand-Drawn Heart After Anti-Israel Protesters Refuse to Leave Stage: ‘She Got the Biggest Applause’:

A 6-year-old child taught thousands of adults this week a lesson in love and respect.

NYU School of Law’s commencement Thursday in Madison Square Garden was marred by hateful chants and Palestinian flag-waving protesters who refused to leave the stage, but there was one shining light during the chaotic ceremony — little Eden Rose Neiger.

She bravely walked on stage with her graduating mom and raised a picture of a heart she drew while sitting in the crowd amid the despicable din.

The daughter of Devorah Neiger, flanked on stage by her two siblings, then handed the heart — drawn in the school color, purple — to law school Dean Troy McKenzie.

“The mood and energy completely changed – she got the biggest applause of the whole ceremony,” said proud dad Edward Neiger.

Some hoisted signs such as “NYU funds genocide.” Other chanted “Disclose, divest – we will not stop, we will not rest” and “Over 40,000 dead, NYU, your hands are red.” Others refused to shake hands with the dean. ...

Neiger whisked his kids, Eden, 6, Alexandra, 3, and son Elisha, 1, to the back of the hall “out of earshot” and busied them with paper and magic markers. He told them to draw, hoping to “distract” them from the “hateful chanting and displays so as not to traumatize them.” That’s when Eden began crafting her message to the dean, who had refused to bow to the anti-Israel bullies.

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