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Friday, June 24, 2022

Surrey Workshop On Fairness In International Taxation

The two-day University of Surrey Fairness in International Taxation Workshop (program) concludes today:

SurreyThe nature of international tax policy has changed dramatically in recent years. Twentieth century international tax policy sought to prevent double taxation of income, to treat taxpayers doing business abroad fairly and to mitigate inefficiencies in the allocation of investment. Recently, the focus of international tax policymaking has shifted, aiming to prevent double non-taxation of corporate income and to achieve a fair division of the resulting tax revenue. This is illustrated most prominently by the recent agreement on a global minimum corporation tax rate. As international tax policy raises its ambitions, there is a need for normative theories adequate to the challenges of this new era.

Fairness in International Taxation brings together legal scholars, political theorists and political philosophers to consider both high-level theories of distributive justice and the normative underpinnings and implications of leading policy proposals. The workshop will cover questions such as how to divide tax revenue from multinationals between nations, how to strike a fair balance between combating profiting shifting and respecting national autonomy, and how to tax internationally mobile workers. By combining theoretical approaches to distributive justice with analysis of the political and institutional context of policymaking we aim to develop new accounts of fairness in international taxation.

U.S. presenters include:

Amanda Parsons (Colorado), The Economic Allegiance of Capital Gains:

How to ensure that multinational companies are paying their “fair share” of taxes in the countries in which they create value has been the subject of lively debate within the international tax community in recent years. These debates have led to significant and exciting reforms, namely the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework. While these reforms represent an important step towards creating a more coherent and equitable international tax system, the current conversations have overlooked an essential fact. Value created by a company’s business activities manifests itself in two ways—as business income and as an increase in the overall market value of the company, which then translates into capital gains income when investors sell their shares. Thus far, the conversation has focused exclusively on how to divide taxing authority over company income, missing half the story. A truly comprehensive reform that ensures fairness and equity in international taxation must address the question of how taxing authority over income stemming from the growth in company value should be allocated amongst countries.

This paper fills this gap and assesses how taxing authority over this capital gains income should be divided amongst countries under the normative principles that have guided international tax law for the past 100 years.

Adam Kern (Law Clerk, Hon. Jed S. Rakoff, U.S. District Judge Court for the Southern District of New York), Optimal Taxation for the World:

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

17th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Concludes Today At Illinois

Ariel Jurow Kleiman (Loyola-L.A.; Google Scholar), Crisis Lawmaking, Automatic Stabilizers, and Democracy
Commentators: Blaine Saito (Northeastern; Google Scholar), Christine Speidel (Villanova; Google Scholar)

Andrew Appleby (Stetson; Google Scholar), Digital Property Taxation
Commentators: Hayes Holderness (Richmond), Shelly Layser (Illinois; Google Scholar; moving to San Diego)

Amanda Parsons (Colorado), The Economic Allegiance of Capital Gains
Commentators: Jonathan Choi (Minnesota; Google Scholar), Eleanor Wilking (Cornell)

Jeesoo Nam (USC; Google Scholar), Just Taxation of Crime: Should the Commission of Crime Change One’s Tax Liability?
Commentators: Blaine Saito, Gaga Gondwe (NYU, moving to Wisconsin)

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Friday, June 17, 2022

17th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Kicks Off Today At Illinois

Illinois college of lawGaga Gondwe (NYU, moving to Wisconsin), The Black Tax: How the Charitable Contribution Subsidy Reinforces Black Poverty, 76 Tax L. Rev. ___ (2023)
Commentators: Jeesoo Nam (USC; Google Scholar), Goldburn Maynard (Indiana-Kelley; Google Scholar)

Hayes Holderness (Richmond), Individual Home-Work Assignments for State Taxes
Commentators: Andrew Appleby (Stetson; Google Scholar), Shelly Layser (Illinois; Google Scholar; moving to San Diego)

Shelly Layser, Fighting the Affordable Housing Crisis Through State-Federal Tax (Dis)Conformity
Commentators: Andrew Appleby, Hayes Holderness

Blaine Saito (Northeastern; Google Scholar), Public Tax Actors
Commentators: Ariel Jurow Kleiman (Loyola-L.A.; Google Scholar), Jeesoo Nam

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

National Tax Association 115th Annual Conference Call for Papers: June 6 Deadline


National Tax Association 115th Annual Conference Call for Papers:

The 115th Annual Conference on Taxation will be held at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami, in Miami, Florida. The conference will cover a broad range of topics in tax policy and public finance. We welcome submissions from the fields of accounting, economics, law, and public policy and administration, as well as research from other fields that bears on these topics.

This year’s conference agenda is being framed by recent significant developments: the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, the rise of inflation, climate change, ESG, and continuing activity within the OECD towards fundamental changes in international tax. We especially encourage submissions in line with these topics.

You are invited to submit the following: individual papers to be integrated into sessions, proposals for complete sessions of papers, and proposals for panel discussions. Please note that full session proposals are mere suggestions of groupings. The conference committee reserves the right to consider and accept individual papers from a complete session rather than accepting the complete session. Submitters of complete sessions are required to enter abstracts for each paper in the session.

The submission deadline is June 6, 2022.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

8th Annual Mid-Career Tax Professors Workshop At North Carolina

UNC Law School Logo

Tuesday, May 24:

Panel #1:

Ari Glogower (Ohio State; Google Scholar), Means-Adjusted Tax Rules
Commentator:  Philip Hackney (Pittsburgh)

Susan Morse (Texas; Google Scholar), APA Statute of Limitations
Commentator:  Clint Wallace (South Carolina)

Andrew Hayashi (Virginia; Google Scholar), Income Tax Enforcement & Redistribution: A Survey
Commentator:  Shu-Yi Oei (Boston College; Google Scholar

Brian Galle (Georgetown; Google Scholar), Solving the Valuation Challenge: A Feasible Method for Taxing Extreme Wealth (with David Gamage (Indiana-Maurer; Google Scholar) & Darien Shanske (UC-Davis; Google Scholar))
Commentator:  Andrew Hayashi (Virginia; Google Scholar)

Panel #2:

Yariv Brauner (Florida; Google Scholar), What Should Developing Countries do about the Recent Global Minimum Tax "Agreement"?
Commentator:  Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah, moving to Cardozo; Google Scholar)

Shuyi Oei (Boston College; Google Scholar), What Determines Treaty Favorability to Developing Countries?
Commentator: Susan Morse (Texas; Google Scholar)

Doron Narotzki (Akron; Google Scholar), Tax Planning and Pillar Two
Commentator: Yariv Brauner (Florida; Google Scholar)

Panel #3:

Jordan Barry (USC), Tax & the Boundaries of the Firm (with Victor Fleischer (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar))
Commentator: Doron Narotzki (Akron; Google Scholar)

Manoj Viswanathan (UC-Hastings), Hybrid Tax Bases & the Constitution
Commentator: Ari Glogower (Ohio State; Google Scholar)

Emily Cauble (DePaul), Testing Intuitions About Partnership Tax Intuitions
Commentator: Leigh Osofsky (North Carolina; Google Scholar)

Panel #4:

Stephanie Hoffer (Indiana-McKinney; Google Scholar), Language of Disability in the Tax Code
Commentator: Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina; Google Scholar)

Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina; Google Scholar), Fake News & the Tax Law
Commentator: Emily Cauble (DePaul)

Leigh Osofsky (North Carolina; Google Scholar), Implicit Leg Bias & the HMID
Commentator: David Gamage (Indiana-Maurer; Google Scholar)

Wednesday, May 25:

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

ABA Tax Section Hybrid 2022 May Meeting

This week's ABA Tax Section hybrid 2022 May Meeting (program) kicks off today. One of the highlight of the meeting is Saturday's luncheon and plenary session:

ABA Tax SectionKeynote Speaker: Lily Batchelder, Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Roundtable: Tax Data Transparency: Changes Coming to a Post-Pandemic Tax Code? On January 20, 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 13985, which, inter alia, established an Interagency Working Group on Equitable Data prompted by a growing recognition that the absence of demographic data in federal datasets, including tax data, results in inequities across federal programs. In addition, Treasury is undertaking a comprehensive research initiative to study the relationship between the U.S. tax code and racial inequities, in response to research identifying inequities in tax enforcement. Congress, too, is making demands for more transparency in tax data, with Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden (D-OR) calling for the IRS to “collect and disclose more information relating to the effect of the tax code on different demographics [because] it makes no sense to blind lawmakers to the key data that would illuminate injustice in our tax laws.” This roundtable will provide new insight on the tax policy implications of greater tax data transparency in a post-Pandemic tax code. Discussion will focus on the role of tax data transparency in tax expenditure oversight; the implications of the absence of demographic data on current tax administration and policy; and how tax expenditures included in Pandemic- related legislation have created an opportunities for new data.

Moderator: Caroline Bruckner, Sr. Professorial Lecturer & Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center, American University Kogod School of Business

Panelists: Steven Dean, Professor of Law, Co-Director of the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, Brooklyn Law School; Mark Mazur; Danny Yagan

Other Tax Profs with speaking roles include:

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Monday, May 2, 2022

Tax Policy Center Hosts Virtual Conference Today On Wealth Taxation In Defense Of Equal Citizenship


The Tax Policy Center hosts a virtual conference on Wealth Taxation in Defense of Equal Citizenship today at 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EDT (registration):

Wealth inequality is often discussed in terms of its economic effects rather than its political implications. But money is a form of power, and the wealthy exert an outsized influence on politics. Wealth taxation has the potential, therefore, not only to reduce the concentration of economic power in America, but to strengthen democracy itself. On Monday, May 2, the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center will host an event considering wealth taxation as a tool of democratic reform. During the live event, viewers can submit questions via email to or on Twitter using #WealthTax.


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Friday, April 15, 2022

Tax Policy Center Hosts Virtual Conference Today On Global Corporate Tax Reform: Why It’s Important and What It Will Do (And Not Do)

The Tax Policy Center hosts a virtual conference on Global Corporate Tax Reform: Why It’s Important and What It Will Do (And Not Do) today at 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT (registration): 

TPC_Logo_ColorIn the fall of 2021, the U.S. and over 130 nations representing more than 90 percent of global GDP agreed to change the way multinational corporations are taxed. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the two-pillar OECD/G-20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) agreement will end the “damaging race to the bottom on corporate taxation” that each year deprives countries of billions of dollars in tax revenue.  Pillar 1 will for the first time allocate a share of the largest multinationals’ profits to countries where their goods are consumed. Pillar 2 will combat tax competition by encouraging countries to adopt a global minimum tax on corporations’ foreign income at a rate of 15 percent.

On Friday, April 15, the Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy and the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center will host an event to explain the significance of the agreement; how it will affect multinational corporations, advanced economies, and developing economies; and the prospects for its implementation.

During the live event, the audience may submit questions at slido using the code #GlobalTax or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #GlobalTax.


  • Lily L. Batchelder (U.S. Treasury)
  • Dhammika Dharmapala (Chicago; Google Scholar)
  • Lilian Faulhaber (Georgetown; Google Scholar)
  • Alexander Klemm (IMF; Google Scholar)
  • Pam Olson (PwC) 
  • David Wessel (Brookings Institution)

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Monday, April 11, 2022

Tax Presentations At The Critical Trusts & Estates Conference

Tax presentations at the Critical Trusts and Estates Conference at Oklahoma City University School of Law last Thursday and Friday:

Oklahoma City (2022)Death and Taxes

  • Bridget Crawford (Pace; Google Scholar) & Lee-ford Tritt (Florida), The Appalachia Tax
  • Victoria Haneman (Creighton; Google Scholar), Tax-Sheltering Funeral Savings
  • Kayla Stephen (Kirschbaum Law Group), Pay to Stay Incarceration and Probate
  • Phyllis Taite (Oklahoma City), Do Taxing Systems Impact Income and Wealth Inequality? Investigating Disparities in OECD Member and Contributing Countries

Debate — Resolved: Wealth Should Escheat to the State at Death Because it was Never Yours Anyway

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Indiana Symposium: The COVID Care Crisis And Its Implications For Legal Academia

Symposium, The COVID Care Crisis and its Implications for Legal Academia (Bloomington, IN), 16 FIU L. Rev. 1-185 (2021):

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Friday, April 1, 2022

25th Annual Critical Tax Conference At Villanova

VillanovaVillanova hosts the 25th Annual Critical Tax Conference (program) today and tomorrow:

The Critical Tax Theory Conference has a long history of fostering the work of both established and emerging scholars whose research challenges and enriches the tax law and policy literature. Critical tax scholars question assumptions of objectivity in tax, as their work explores how tax law and policy impact historically marginalized groups. At a time when tax policy is once again at the forefront of politics and public discourse, the work of these and other critical tax scholars supports a more robust discussion of the role for tax law in current and future social and economic policy.


9:15 AM: Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Joy Mullane (Villanova)
  • Mark Alexander (Dean, Villanova)

9:30 AM: Connecting Scholarship to Policymakers and Stakeholders: A Discussion with Nina Olson (Center for Taxpayer Rights)

10:00 AM: Panel Presentation #1

11:30 AM: Incubator Session #1

  • Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar), Automated Agencies
  • Keith Fogg (Harvard), Delaware the Pirate State
  • Alice Abreu (Temple), Taxpayer Bill of Rights - Moving Beyond the Procedural

12:15 PM: Keynote Address

1:30 PM: Panel Presentation #2

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Houston Hosts Energy Tax Conference Today

Houston (2017)The University of Houston Law Center hosts the 4th Annual Denney L. Wright International Energy Tax Conference and the Houston Business and Tax Law Journal 22nd Annual Symposium today on Exploring International Energy Investments Post Pandemic virtually today from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT:

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Tax Papers At Today's AALS Poverty Law Pop-Up Conference

Tax papers at today's AALS Poverty Law Pop-Up Conference (12:00 pm - 4:05 pm ET) (program):

AALS (2018)Michelle Layser (Illinois; Google Scholar), Overcoming Constitutional (and Political) Barriers to State Place-Based Tax Incentive Reform

Place-based tax incentives, which are used to promote investment in distressed geographies, have the potential to become an effective tool to fight poverty at the state and local level. However, the incentives that are currently used by state and local governments to advance their community economic development strategies often fail to benefit residents of low-income communities. Ideally, these tax incentives would be reformed by restricting their availability to activities that directly benefit low-income residents of distressed regions within the state, such as by requiring business taxpayers to hire or serve residents of the targeted areas. However, for reasons to be explained in this Article, under current constitutional law frameworks, these proposed reforms would constitute unconstitutional discrimination under the Dormant Commerce Clause—a consequence of decades of Court doctrine that has developed to constrain state tax competition. Successful state place-based tax incentive reform will require Congress to modify the existing constitutional framework to enable these types of reforms. Without such changes, there is a real and imminent risk that constitutional frameworks will continue to evolve in ways that further restrict the use of place-based tax incentives, depriving state and local governments of an important anti-poverty tool.

Richard Winchester (Seton Hall; Google Scholar): Homeownership While Black: A Pathway to Plunder, Compliments of Uncle Sam:

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

IRS Commissioner Delivers Virtual Lecture Today At Miami

Miami hosts the IRS Commissioner Lecture today at 6:00 PM ET (register here):

RettigInternal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles P. Rettig [(J.D. 1981, Pepperdine; Tax LL.M. 1982, NYU)] will be delivering a virtual lecture on Current IRS Priorities and Initiatives, hosted by the University of Miami School of Law Graduate Program in Taxation.

Retting, the 49th Commissioner of the IRS, presides over the nation's tax system, which collects more than $3.5 trillion in tax revenue each year, representing about 96% of the total gross receipts of the United States. Rettig manages an agency of about 80,000 employees and a budget of more than $11 billion. Read more about Charles P. Rettig.

The virtual lecture will take place on Thursday, March 24, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. EST, and is free and open to the public with registration.

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Monday, March 21, 2022

UC-Irvine Hosts Virtual Symposium Today On The Global Tax Deal And The Changing International Tax Order

UC-Irvine hosts the 4th A. Lavar Taylor Tax Symposium:

UC Irvine (20192)Panel #1:  Global Perspectives on a Global Tax Deal (Zoom link here)

Panel #2: Developing Countries and the Global Tax Deal

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Friday, March 18, 2022

Florida Hosts 12th Annual Tax Policy Lectures Today On (1) Tax Evasion And Enforcement And (2) Public Finance And Racism

The University of Florida Law Graduate Tax Program hosts the 12th Annual Ellen Bellet Gelberg Tax Policy Lecture virtually today in two parts:

Florida Logo (2017)Tax Evasion and Enforcement at 9:30 AM ET (Zoom link):

Public Finance and Racism at 12:00 PM ET (Zoom link), by William Gale:

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Call For Papers: Workshop On Fairness In International Taxation At University Of Surrey (England)

Call for Papers:

SurreyThe University of Surrey School of Law invites scholars in philosophy, political theory, law, and taxation to submit abstracts of 500 to 1,000 words for a workshop, Fairness in International Taxation, to be held June 23-24, 2022 in Guildford, England. Please submit abstracts on the conference webpage, by no later than 1 April 2022.

This is an exciting time in international tax policy. Recent momentum toward international tax cooperation has seen policy proposals rise to the top of the international agenda that would have seemed utopian only a few years ago. Regardless of the fate of current OECD/G20 proposals, new policies to limit profit shifting and tax competition seem likely to be adopted. This new context of policy making calls for fresh consideration of the normative dimensions of international tax policy.

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Osgoode Hall Law School Workshop Invitation: Women With Disabilities And Negative Taxation

Workshop Invitation: Women with Disabilities and Negative Taxation (Mar. 10, 2022):

Osgoode HallWe would like to invite you to a workshop tentatively scheduled for November 11, 2022 in Toronto, Canada. The goal of this event is to contribute to the debates about proposed Canada Disability Benefit (CDB) program (Bill C-35) by sharing insights from multiple disciplines, different perspectives, and several stakeholder groups, with a focus on women with disabilities.

By way of background, the existing patchwork of income-support programs in Canada, including some delivered through the income tax system (such as disability tax credit and registered disability savings plan) fail to provide a reasonable level of income security for working-age disabled Canadians, especially women. The CDB aims to remedy that by modelling after the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for seniors. If introduced, it will be the most significant addition to the Canadian social security system in recent years.

What are the challenges in getting the legislation passed? How will the CDB interact with existing programs (at federal and provincial levels)? What lessons can be learned from the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) in ensuring the CDB is effectively targeted, fairly implemented and adequate in meeting the needs of women with disabilities? Can the CDB be the genesis of a general negative tax or universal basic income system?

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Friday, March 11, 2022

North Carolina Hosts 25th Annual Tax Symposium Today And Tomorrow


Friday, March 11

9:00 AM: Introductions 

9:10 AM: Origins of and Inspiration for the UNC Tax Symposium

9:40 AM: ETF Heartbeat Trades, Tax Efficiencies, and Clienteles: The Role of Taxes in the Flow Migration from Active Mutual Funds to ETFs

11:00 AM: Does Shaming Pay? Evaluating California’s Top 500 Tax Delinquent Publication Program

  • Chad Angaretis (California Franchise Tax Board)
  • Brian D. Galle (Georgetown; Google Scholar)
  • Paul Organ (Michigan; Google Scholar) (presenter)
  • Allen C. Prohofsky (California Franchise Tax Board)
  • Michele Mullaney (Indiana-Kelley) (discussant) 
  • Jennifer Blouin (Penn) (moderator)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

NYU Hosts Forum Tomorrow On Taxing The Rich


NYU hosts a forum on Taxing the Rich: Is It a Problem? If So, What Can Be Done About It? tomorrow at 3:45 PM ET (registration):

ProPublica recently published a series of articles showing that many of the wealthiest Americans pay little or nothing in taxes. In some years, the series reported, the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg didn’t pay a penny in federal income tax. This pointedly raises the question of whether our approach to taxing the rich—particularly the superrich focused on by ProPublica—is right as a matter of fairness and revenue policy. Politicians and policymakers have put forth a number of proposals that would impose higher taxes on the wealthy. At this Forum, a panel of experts will unpack the issues underlying this situation and discuss the pros and cons of ideas put forth to address it.


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Monday, February 28, 2022

UC-Hastings Hosts Virtual Conference Today On Tax Lawmaking During Times Of Uncertainty

Tax Lawmaking During Times of Uncertainty
The UC-Hastings Center on Tax Law hosts a conference today on Tax Lawmaking During Times of Uncertainty at 8:30 AM-2:30 PM PT (register here):

Hear from scholars, practitioners, and current and former government officials about the tax lawmaking process. Panelists will discuss the challenges of passing tax legislation, administering tax law during times of transition, and giving tax advice to clients when tax laws might change. The discussion will reflect on recent efforts to make tax law changes and will consider how tax lawmaking will continue to evolve.

8:30 AM: Welcome

  • David Faigman (Chancellor & Dean, UC-Hastings; Google Scholar
  • Manoj Viswanathan (UC-Hastings)
  • Heather Field (UC-Hastings; Google Scholar)

8:45 AM: The Tax Legislative Process: Reconciliation, Budgeting, and More

10:15 AM: Tax Practice Perspectives Amid Uncertainty

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Symposium: The 21st Century Trust — Evolution, Innovation, Adaptation

Symposium, The 21st Century Trust: Evolution, Innovation, Adaptation, 53 Creighton L. Rev. 643-764 (2020):

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Friday, February 4, 2022

ABA Tax Section Virtual 2022 Midyear Meeting

This week's ABA Tax Section virtual 2022 Midyear Meeting (program) concludes today. Tax Profs with speaking roles included:

  • ABA LogoConsequences of Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Bonta:  Ellen Aprill (Loyola-L.A.), Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame)
  • ESG and Tax Policy – Responsible Tax Policies for a Better Future:  Susan Gary (Oregon), Janet Milne (Vermont)
  • Increases in Math Error Notices:  Leslie Book (Villanova)
  • Low-Income SALT – Advocating for Low-Income Taxpayers in State Tax Matters:  Caleb Smith (Minnesota)
  • Riding the Tax Reform Wave in Real Time:  Paul Caron (Pepperdine), Susan Morse (Texas)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

ABA Teaching Taxation Panel Today On Riding The Tax Reform Wave In Real Time

I am looking forward to moderating the Teaching Taxation Section panel on Riding the Tax Reform Wave in Real Time at today's ABA Tax Section Virtual 2022 Mid-Year Meeting at 12:30-2:00 PM ET:

ABA Teaching Taxation Social MediaWhat are the different ways in which law faculty and practitioners keep up with tax reform proposals, legislative changes, and administrative guidance in the rapidly changing world of tax law? As professionals, we need to be aware of conversations around legislative proposals and any resulting changes that would impact our audience, whether that is law students or clients. What are the best processes and sources of information for staying abreast of pending changes to the tax law? How do we juggle uncertainty as proposals unfold, whether we are teaching students or advising clients? How do we get up to speed as quickly as possible once changes are implemented and guidance follows? The panel – consisting of a tax law professor, law librarian, journalist, and practitioner – will discuss the best practices with simulations.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

St. Louis Symposium: Teaching Law Online

Symposium, Teaching Law Online, 65 St. Louis U. L.J. 455-726 (2021):

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Monday, January 24, 2022

Call For Presentations: UC-Irvine Tax Symposium

Call For Presentations: UC-Irvine Tax Sympsium:

UCI Law (2022)The Graduate Tax Program at the University of California, Irvine School of Law will host its 4th Annual UCI/Lavar Taylor Tax Symposium on March 21, 2022. Due to the ongoing COVID situation, we will host the symposium virtually. The theme this year is The Global Tax Deal and the Changing International Tax Order.

The purpose of this full-day symposium is to launch an in-depth discussion on the “global tax deal” adopting the OECD two-pillar framework, signed by 136 countries last October. We are interested in submissions for proposed presentations on the ramifications of the global deal from any point of view, including, but not limited to: economic, political, legal, social, racial, as well as any critical perceptive.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Northwestern Hosts Zoom Panel Today On Validity And Equity Problems In Law School Teaching Evaluations

Northwestern hosts a multidisciplinary Zoom panel on Validity and Equity Problems in Law School Teaching Evaluations today at 1:00 pm ET (registration):

Northwestern (2018)Student evaluations are, as shown by study after study, not valid measures of teaching quality and are biased along the axes of gender, race, accent, age, disability, attractiveness, and other instructor attributes unrelated to teaching ability. Yet, even as many universities and colleges have begun reckoning with these established problems with teaching evaluations, and while many law schools have started tackling other barriers facing women and minorities in academia, attempts to reform evaluations have lagged behind in the legal academy. This panel brings together a multidisciplinary group of scholars to discuss the most recent research on teaching evaluations and how law schools should proceed given what this work shows about the issues with such evaluations.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Call For Tax Papers And Panels: SEALS 2022 (Jan. 19 Deadline)

SEALS (2022)Hello and Happy New Year! Jennifer and I are coordinating tax panels and discussion groups for next year’s SEALS Conference.  The 2022 SEALS Conference will be held at the Sandestin Beach & Golf Resort, Sandestin, Florida on July 27-August 3.  All the info you need to send us is below but the most important bit of info to note might be that we are on a tight timeline.

The conference submission tool is open, and Jennifer and I are eager to coordinate people who are interested in presenting tax work at the SEALS conference into relevant panel groups.  In addition, we have also had very successful Tax Policy Discussion Groups in recent years.  Panels are generally composed of 4 to 5 people speaking for 15 to 20 minutes each.  We will attempt to group papers so that panels include papers on similar topics.  The Discussion Group includes about 10 people, each speaking for 5-8 minutes on a topic related to tax policy, broadly interpreted.  This has often included topics that are not necessarily fully formed paper ideas but are thoughts the presenter has had on something he or she would like to discuss with a group of smart, informed people in an informal setting.  Both types of presentation have been very successful in the past.  Each presenter may participate in one Panel AND one Discussion Group.

So, if you are interested in submitting to SEALS and would like us to include you in a group of other tax profs, please email me with the following information:

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Tax Policy Center Hosts Virtual Event Today On Taxing Business Income: Evidence From The Survey Of Consumer Finances


The Tax Policy Center hosts a virtual event on Taxing Business Income: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances today at 12:30 PM ET (registration):

Legislated changes in business income taxes over the past 20 years have led to a dramatic reduction in the federal income tax base and revenues. As a result, a significant share of income is never subject to tax. For example, more than half of non-corporate business income in the National Income and Product Accounts does not show up on tax returns.

On January 11, the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center will host an event on this divergence between economic and taxable income and its implications for tax policy. Results from new research using the Survey of Consumer Finances will be presented with an eye towards understanding which forms of income do not show up on tax forms, where in the income distribution that divergence is occurring, and the revenue implications of broadening the business income tax base.

William G. Gale, Swati Joshi, Christopher Pulliam & John Sabelhaus, Estimating Income Tax Liabilities With Data From the Survey of Consumer Finances:

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

AALS Hosts Three Four Virtual Tax Events Today

AALS (2018)11:00 am ET:  The Promise and Pitfalls of the Global Tax Deal:

In October 2021, 136 countries struck a ground-breaking tax deal for the digital age. This panel will discuss the proposed two-pillar tax system from the perspective of the United States, the EU, and other regions, what these two pillars do, the likely approaches in many countries, practical concerns, and the impact on existing measures, such as DSTs, tax treaties, 15% global minimum tax, GILTI, BEAT, Subpart F, and foreign tax credit rules.

  • Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah) (moderator)
  • Steven Dean (Brooklyn)
  • Omri Marian (UC-Irvine)
  • Susan Morse (Texas)
  • Diane Ring (Boston College)

11:00 am ETNonprofit and Philanthropy Law:

Nonprofit organizations engage in discriminatory practices without losing their tax-exempt status. However, tax law may be used as a powerful tool to eradicate institutional discrimination among nonprofit organizations. This panel will explore nonprofit organizations and discriminatory practices, almost forty years after the landmark Bob Jones University v. U.S. case. In this decision, the Supreme Court held that the IRS may deny tax-exempt status to institutions whose policies violate “fundamental public policy,” even if those policies are allegedly based on religious beliefs. The panel will address the legacy of this decision today in educational, religious, and broader settings.

  • Khrista McCarden (Tulane) (moderator)
  • Samuel Brunson (Loyola-Chicago)
  • JoAnne Epps (Temple)
  • Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer (Notre Dame)

2:00 pm ETSocial Networking Session:

Take a break from formal programming and join your colleagues from the Section on Taxation for informal conversation.

  • Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska) (Incoming Chair)
  • Kathleen Delaney Thomas (Chair)

4:45 pm ETNew Voices in Taxation:

This program will feature works in progress by three emerging tax scholars, each of whom will be paired with a senior tax scholar discussant.

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Friday, January 7, 2022

Pepperdine Symposium: Wealth And Inequality

Pepperdine Symposium

Symposium, Wealth and Inequality, 48 Pepp. L. Rev. 875-1129 (2021):

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

AALS Hosts Virtual Panel Today On Tax Policy In The New Administration: Priorities And Opportunities

The AALS Tax Section hosts a Zoom panel today on Tax Policy In The New Administration:  Priorities And Opportunities at 11:00 AM ET:

AALS (2018)President Biden’s administration has proposed a broad tax reform agenda aimed at providing middle and lower income tax relief and curtailing tax abuse. This panel will bring together experts from across the country to examine priorities and opportunities for reform. Topics covered will include: advancing racial equity in the tax system, IRS enforcement, global digital taxation, the American Families Plan, and other tax relief efforts.


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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Save The Date: 25th Critical Tax Conference At Villanova

From Joy Sabino Mullane (Villanova):

Villanova Law Logo (2019)I am excited to announce that Villanova Charles Widger School of Law and the Villanova Graduate Tax Program will host the 25th annual Critical Tax Conference in 2022. We are planning to meet in person on our campus, with a dinner the evening of Thursday March 31, a full day of panels on Friday April 1, and a morning session on Saturday April 2.

Les Book, Christine Speidel, and I look forward to welcoming you to Villanova and to another great weekend of tax scholarship. A formal call for papers, along with other pertinent information, will follow at the beginning of the new year. In the meantime, save the date, plan to travel to Philadelphia, and get ready for what should be a terrific weekend.

Prior Critical Tax Theory Conferences:

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Americans For Financial Reform Hosts The Hidden Racism In The Tax Code Today

Americans for Financial Reform will host a fireside chat on The Hidden Racism in the Tax Code today as part of its Take on Wall Street campaign at 11:00 A.M. EST (register here): 

Brown-hamilton The Take on Wall Street campaign of Americans for Financial Reform will host a fireside chat with Dr. Dorothy A. Brown and Dr. Darrick Hamilton to discuss the white supremacy inherent in our tax code and how American tax policies impoverish Black Americans while enriching white Americans.

Another fantastic opportunity to hear Professor Brown discuss her groundbreaking 2021 book, “The Whiteness of Wealth” with the always engaging and evocative economist Dr. Darrick Hamilton. Hamilton is a university professor, the Henry Cohen Professor of Economics and Urban Policy, and the founding director of the Institute for the Study of Race, Power and Political Economy at The New School. 

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

ABA Hosts Redesigning Legal: The Role Of Legal Education, Clinics And Legal Labs Today

The American Bar Association will host the Redesigning Legal: The Role of Legal Education, Clinics and Legal Labs panel as part of its Redesigning Legal Speaker Series today at 1:00 P.M. EST: 

The fourth virtual Redesigning Legal Speaker Series on Tuesday, Dec. 7, will explore opportunities being created for law school education by the growing trend of regulatory innovation in the legal profession.

Utah and Arizona have already enacted sweeping changes to how legal services can be delivered and who can provide them. Nationally, no fewer than 10 other states are in different stages of exploring, recommending or implementing regulatory change that would generally allow nonlawyers to provide some legal services. The emerging landscape is certain to impact the legal profession in significant ways as well as present new challenges for J.D. education while possibly spawning other law-related educational programs.

Panelists will focus on how law schools are responding and adapting to the prospect of fewer barriers to innovation that offer increased employment opportunities for their students, more roles for people other than lawyers in the delivery of legal services, the creation of tiered legal service providers and collaboration across professional fields to provide more and new kinds of legal services.


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Tax System Working Group Discussion Series: Diversity In The Tax Bar


Law Firm Antiracism Alliance Tax System Working Group discusses Diversity in the Tax Bar today at 1:30 PM EST (RSVP here): 

The LFAA Tax System Working Group, in conjunction with the American College of Tax Counsel, the American Tax Policy Institute and the Tax Section of the American Bar Association, is sponsoring a ten-part discussion series on diversity in the tax bar. Over the course of this series of virtual discussions, participants will learn about the current state of diversity in the tax bar, opportunities for diverse tax attorneys in different practice settings, and steps that the tax bar should be taking to create sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.


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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ed Kleinbard Memorial Conference At USC


Following up on my previous post on the Ed Kleinbard Memorial Conference At USC:  the conference recordings and downloads are here:

Welcome:  Andrew Guzman (Dean, USC):

Panel 1 - High Noon in the Tax Policy Corral: Ed Kleinbard’s Race Against Time

  • Joseph Bankman (Stanford)
  • Daniel Shaviro (NYU) (slides)

Panel 2 - Financial Products

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Friday, November 19, 2021

NTA 114th Annual Conference On Taxation


Highlights of this week's National Tax Association 114th Annual Conference on Taxation (full program here):


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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Maryland Hosts Inaugural Carol Tello International Tax Lecture

Maryland hosts the Inaugural Carol Tello International Tax Lecture today by Grace Perez-Navarro (Deputy Director, OECD) (register here): 

Grace Perez-Navarro plays a key role in all the OECD’s tax work including the tax challenges of digitalization, the BEPS Project, improving international tax cooperation, and engaging developing countries in OECD tax work. Since joining the OECD in 1997, she has held several key positions, including having led the OECD’s tax work on bank secrecy, e-commerce, harmful tax practices, money laundering and tax crimes, and strengthening all forms of administrative cooperation between tax authorities.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Journal Of Legal Education Publishes New Issue

The Journal of Legal Education has published Vol. 69, No. 3 (Spring 2020):

Journal of Legal Education (2020)Get In Good Trouble: A Collection of Essays by Millennial Law Scholars

Other Articles

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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Utah Symposium: #IncludeTheirStories — Rethinking, Reimagining, And Reshaping Legal Education

Utah Law Review Symposium

Utah Law Review symposium, #IncludeTheirStories: Rethinking, Reimagining, and Reshaping Legal Education:

The entire world was shaken by the events of 2020, a year which the history books will pen with infamy. Along with a global health pandemic that tested both human frailties and social infrastructures, the world witnessed the devastation of George Floyd, an African American man, dying under the knee of Derek Chauvin, a white male police officer. The nation erupted. As 2020 ended, many organizations and institutions clamored both to process ethnic divides and injustices, and gain tools and skills to create meaningful change and lasting impact. Legal education was one such institution.

This event will gather scholars and practitioners who have been deeply engaged in this work to determine how law faculty might best prepare today’s law students through teaching racism and related inequities in the classroom. A few law schools have grappled with race-silent neutrality within the 1L curriculum and diversity reading lists have been created, but, however elusive a goal, we have not yet arrived at an inclusive curriculum. So the conversation must continue. We are excited to bring together academics and practitioners to offer practical and pedagogical steps toward rethinking, reimagining, and reshaping the legal education curriculum in efforts to #IncludeTheirStories.

Friday, November 5

Session 1: Grappling with Our Legal History of Exclusion
Tom Romero (Denver), Joann Thach (Snell & Wilmer), Angela Winfield (LSAC)

Session 2: Overcoming the Resistance to DEI
Robin Boylorn (Alabama), Thomas Donnelly (Jones Day), Robert Razzante (Western Washington University)

Keynote Address: Danielle Conway (Dean, Penn State-Dickinson)

Saturday, November 6

Opening Address: Meera Deo (Southwestern)

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Friday, November 5, 2021

Upcoming Law Professor Workshops Sponsored By The Law & Economics Center

The Law & Economics Center has three upcoming Workshops for Law Professors in 2022:

The workshops are free and the LEC covers all hotel and meal costs. LEC also offers a $1,000 honorarium for successful completion of the program (from which attendees are expected to cover their own travel and incidental expenses).

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Symposium: Leading Differently Across Difference

Hofstra Symposium, Leading Differently Across Difference Conference, 48 Hofstra L. Rev. 597-759 (2020):

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Friday, October 29, 2021

Florida Hosts 17th Annual International Tax Symposium

The University of Florida Graduate Tax Program hosts its Seventeenth International Taxation Symposium virtually today:

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tennessee Symposium: Law School Leadership Training

Symposium, Law School Leadership Training, 14 Tenn. J. L. & Pol'y 287-466 (2020):

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tax Policy Center Hosts Virtual Conference Today On U.S. Energy Tax Policy And Climate Change

The Tax Policy Center hosts a virtual conference on US Energy Tax Policy And Climate Change today at 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT (registration): 

The Biden administration has committed to reducing US greenhouse gas emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2030. To help meet that goal, the Democratic fiscal strategy relies heavily on increased infrastructure spending financed by higher corporate and individual income taxes. This proposed policy focuses on subsidizing alternative energy sources and conservation rather than relying on carbon pricing. What are the pros and cons of this approach, and is the strategy adequate to achieve targeted emissions reductions?

On October 27, ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (October 31 to November 12), the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and the Brookings Institution Center on Regulation and Markets will bring together climate and tax policy experts to examine recent proposals for US energy tax policy. Catherine Wolfram, deputy assistant secretary for climate and energy economics at the US Department of the Treasury, will share her perspective on the Biden administration’s climate strategy. Following her keynote, an expert panel consisting of Gilbert Metcalf, Carole Nakhle, Sanjay Patnaik, and Kurt Van Dender and moderated by Thornton Matheson will further discuss the United States’ approach to energy tax policy.


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Friday, October 22, 2021

Kentucky Hosts Virtual Symposium Today On The Racial Wealth Gap

The Kentucky Law Journal hosts a symposium today on The Racial Wealth Gap (register here): 

KentuckyThe topic is The Racial Wealth Gap and will focus on the legal and historical factors that have contributed to the current state of wealth disparity in the United States that falls largely along racial lines.

This disparity has been increasingly the focus of academic and policy research, and this Symposium aims to bring together practitioners, policy researchers, and scholars to explore this issue. In particular, the KLJ symposium seeks to address how tax law, property law, and other legal systems that have created and reinforced the conditions that lead to White families having median wealth of approximately $188,000, while Black families have median wealth of only 15% of that amount, or approximately $24,000. In addition to exploring the evolution of the problem, the KLJ symposium will explore possible solutions or proposals that would ameliorate the disparity.

8:30 AM: Opening Remarks

  • Mary Davis (Dean, Kentucky)
  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky; Google Scholar)

9:00 AM: Real Estate, Housing, and Blockbusting

  • Richard Winchester (Seton Hall; Google Scholar)
  • Daniel Murphy (Kentucky)
  • Dillon Curtis (Kentucky Law Journal Staff Editor) (moderator)

10:00 AM: Implications of Tax Code Bias

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Symposium: Is This A Christian Nation?

Symposium, Is This a Christian Nation?, 26 Roger Williams U. L. Rev. 237-665 (2021):

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Michigan And Rutgers Host Virtual Symposium Today On Treaty Override

Michigan, Rutgers, and the Michigan Journal of International Law host the Treaty Override Virtual Symposium today (zoom link here): 

Michigan-rutgersThis symposium will consider the legitimacy and scope of treaty overrides, i.e., situations in which a country unilaterally changes the outcome of a bilateral treaty through its domestic law. This practice appears to be unlawful under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (which is generally accepted as customary international law) but is constitutional in certain countries, including the United States. There has been a long, ongoing debate on the advisability of such overrides and the conditions under which they are possible in the United States. These days, the debate centers on whether some parts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 were an override. The symposium will focus on this debate and compare it to similar debates in other jurisdictions. 

10:30 - 11:00 AM: Welcome and Opening Remarks 

  • Gracy Brody (Editor in Chief, Michigan Journal of International Law) 
  • Monica Hakimi (Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Michigan; Google Scholar)

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Treaty Overrides Abroad

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Call For Tax Papers And Panels: Law & Society Hybrid Annual Meeting

Law & Society

Neil Buchanan (Florida) has issued his annual call for tax papers and panels for next year's hybrid  annual meeting of the Law & Society Association in Lisbon and online (July 13-16, 2022):

The Law & Society Association (LSA) will host its next annual meeting from July 13 - 16, 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal.  For the eighteenth year in a row, I will organize sessions for the "Law, Society, and Taxation" group (Collaborative Research Network 31).  For the sixth year in a row, I am pleased that Professors Jennifer Bird-Pollan and Mirit Eyal-Cohen have committed to working tirelessly to make our conference-within-a-conference a success. ...

As currently planned, the conference will be held in a hybrid format, with some sessions entirely in person and others entirely virtual.

Although there is an official call for papers, please remember that you are not bound by the official theme of the conference ("Rage, Reckoning, & Remedy").  We will give full consideration to proposals in any area of tax law, tax policy, distributive justice, interdisciplinary scholarship, and so on.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. ET (USA) on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

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