Paul L. Caron

Monday, May 13, 2024

Who Is Being "Assisted"? A Call For Transparency In Hiring Visiting Assistant Professors (VAPs) In Legal Writing

Suzanne E. Rowe (Oregon), Who Is Being "Assisted"? A Call for Transparency in Hiring Visiting Assistant Professors (VAPs) in Legal Writing, 22 Scribes J. Legal Writing 111 (2024):

Scribes journal of legal writingThis essay is essential reading for schools considering a visiting assistant professor (VAP) program to supplement its legal writing faculty as well as for academics and attorneys applying for VAP positions. The essay begins with a comparison of “visiting” positions, looking at the varying terms used to describe each position, what the hiring institution (host school) expects, and what a new visitor needs for a successful transition to academia. The heart of the essay is its insights for visitors looking for an entryway to legal academia, associate deans hiring these visitors, and legal-writing colleagues expected to mentor them. 

The essay concludes by proposing guidelines for schools and legal-writing organizations to follow in order to provide uniform, useful information to all constituents, thus supplying real assistance to VAPs while also serving the interests of the host school, its legal-writing faculty, and its students. Published in 21 Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, 111 (2023-24).

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