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Saturday, May 25, 2024

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

Top 10 Taxprof Blog Posts - LinkedinLegal Education: 

  1. ABA Journal, Straight, White Female Alleges King & Spalding's Summer Associate Diversity Fellowship Violated Title VII
  2. Derek Muller (Notre Dame), Projected 2025-26 U.S. News Law School Rankings: The Biggest Winners And Losers
  3. New York Post, 6-Year-Old Girl Bravely Saves NYU Law Commencement With Hand-Drawn Purple Heart For Dean After Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupted Ceremony
  4. ABA Journal, ABA Endorses Licensing Of Attorneys Without Bar Exams
  5. Vivia Chen, Sullivan & Cromwell's New Hiring Policy Is Problematic
  6. ABA Journal, ABA Takes Another Step Toward Fully Online Law Schools
  7. Josh Blackman (South Texas), Judicial Boycotts Of Non-Elite Schools
  8. New York Times, CUNY Law School Cancels Student's Commencement Speech
  9. Legal Tech News, What Law Students Should Know About Generative AI Before Their Summer Jobs
  10. Reuters, LSAC Offers New Admissions Tool To Measure Socioeconomic Hurdles Overcome By Law School Applicants


  1. University of Alabama Law School, #12 Ranked Alabama Graduate Tax Program Will Not Offer Courses After Spring 2025
  2. Adam Cowing (UC-Irvine), Equity And Ownership In Affordable Housing
  3. Tracey Roberts (Cumberland), Review Of The Missing “T” in ESG By Chaim & Parchomovsky
  4. Diane Kemker (Southern), Do Black Taxpayers Matter? A Critical Tax Analysis Of IRS Audit Practices
  5. Bridget Crawford (Pace) et al.,  Step-Up in Basis: Policy Perspectives on a Longstanding Policy Loophole
  6. Sarah Lawsky (Northwestern), Reasoning With Formalized Statutes: The Case Of Capital Gains And Losses
  7. Harvey Gilmore (Hartford), The Kinder, Gentler IRS? Where?
  8. Eugene Volokh (UCLA), Nonprofits That Help Organize Protests That Break The Law Can Lose Their Tax Exemptions
  9. John Brooks (Fordham), The (Non)Taxation Of Student Debt Cancellation: Statutory Misinterpretation And Normative Conflict
  10. Amanda Parsons (Colorado), Cryptocurrency, Legibility, And Taxation


  1. Wall Street Journal Op-Ed (Ralph Reed), The Smear Campaign Against ‘Christian Nationalists’
  2. Pepperdine Caruso Law Surf Report, Religious Diversity At Pepperdine Caruso Law
  3. Christianity Today, Dallas Mavericks: The NBA Basketball Team Created To Represent God
  4. New York Times Op-Ed (Ross Douthat), Can Conservative And Liberal Catholics Coexist?
  5. Washington Post Op-Ed (Anne Lamott), Lifelong Lessons In Coping With Fear And Humiliation

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