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Monday, May 13, 2024

Sullivan & Cromwell To Ramp-Up Vetting Of New Hires Amid Wave Of Pro-Palestinian Protests

Sullivan & CromwellNational Law Journal, Sullivan & Cromwell Details Ramped-Up Vetting of New Hires Amid Wave of University Protests:

As pro-Palestinian protests spread across university campuses, Sullivan & Cromwell’s senior chair said Wednesday the firm will be “more vigilant” in screening potential candidates. The firm is now outlining some of its vetting processes in that effort, including reviewing resumes, social media, news reports and student group affiliations and employing third-party specialists for background checks. ...

Senior firm chair Joe Shenker has maintained a strong position against hate speech and bias during the Israel/Hamas conflict, taking the lead on efforts such as a group letter signed by dozens of law firm leaders sent to law school deans that maintained an “unequivocal stance” in opposition to antisemitism. Shenker was in his Jerusalem synagogue’s bomb shelter when the Hamas-led attack on Israel began on Oct. 7.

In a statement Wednesday, Sullivan & Cromwell said it will “review resumes for participation in pro-terrorist groups and other similar activities” as well as do a “thorough review of the candidate’s online presence, school website [and] news reports” moving forward.

It will also request “lists of all campus organizations the student has been or is currently a part of and monitor activities from those groups that do no align with our ethical standards,” the firm said.

In addition, the firm said it will employ third-party specialists to do formal background checks.

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