Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

ABA: Biggest Law School Scholarships Disproportionately Go To White Students

Reuters, Biggest Law School Scholarships Disproportionately Go to White Students, ABA Finds:

White law students are more likely to land full scholarships and less likely to receive scholarships covering less than half their tuition compared with their non-white classmates, according to new data from the American Bar Association.

White students were awarded 70% of the full-tuition scholarships given by law schools this year but comprise about 61% of the national pool of full-time law students, the new data show.

ABA Data

By contrast, students of color make up nearly 32% of full-time law students but received fewer than 23% of full-tuition scholarships. They were awarded nearly 34% of scholarships worth less than half tuition—a greater share than white law students based on their proportions of the national student pool.

ABA Data 2

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