Paul L. Caron

Thursday, April 4, 2024

U.S. News 2024-25 Top 25 Law Schools

Mike Spivey has published the U.S. News 2024-25 Top 25 law school rankings despite the embargo:

US News (2023)Earlier today, U.S. News released their rankings to law school administrations under an embargo. Multiple law schools passed those rankings along to us, however, and we feel, for multiple reasons, that it makes sense to publish them. Among those reasons is the fact that just last year, U.S. News published their top 14 in advance of the full rankings release, and those top 14 turned out to include errors. This year, over 50 law schools opted not to participate in U.S. News' survey, and given that fact plus the immense scrutiny on the rankings and their trustworthiness, we think it's worthwhile for everyone to be aware of this initially-released top 25.

If the public release next week is different from the below, it is our view that law schools, students, and applicants should be aware of that. We'll publish the full list with +/-, plus commentary and analysis on the methodology and what changes they made in their calculations, next week.

Above the Law, BREAKING: 2025 U.S. News Top 25 Law School Rankings

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