Paul L. Caron

Saturday, April 27, 2024

George Washington Law School Relocates Students For Final Exams Due To Pro-Palestinian Encampment On Campus

GW Hatchet, GW Law to Relocate Students for Final Exams As Cease-Fire Protest Swells:

GW Law officials are relocating law students who are taking their final exams Thursday, citing noise concerns from the pro-Palestinian encampment protest in University Yard.

In a video sent to law school students, Dean Dayna Bowen Matthew told students taking final exams on Thursday that they would be relocated to undisclosed locations. She said students who could be relocated would receive an email from the records or the dean of student offices about their new testing location.

A protest encampment has been set up at University Yard and because that encampment coincides with the final exam period for GW law students, we are taking steps to relocate student exams so that they can be taken in a quiet and secure location.

Now let me emphasize, there is nothing threatening your safety that is going on at this moment, but yet you our primary concern. To protect your safety and the integrity of our academic program, we are relocating student final exams.

Washington Post, D.C. Police Rejected GWU’s Plea to Sweep Out University Protesters

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