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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

27 Law Schools (Including Cornell (Est. 1887) & Michigan (Est. 1859)) Have Not Had A Woman Dean, Nearly 14% of ABA-Accredited US Law Schools Haven't Had a Woman Dean:

A total of 27 (nearly 14%) U.S. American Bar Association-accredited law schools have yet to have a woman dean, including two T14s—Cornell Law School and the University of Michigan Law School. ...

Law Schools in the Top 50 ... 
Other law schools that have only had male deans include five in the top 50—the University of Alabama School of Law [Est. 1872], Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School [Est. 1973], Fordham Law School [Est. 1905], George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School [Est. 1979] and William & Mary Law School [Est. 1779].

Law Schools Ranked 51-100 ...

[T]here are six law schools ranked between Nos. 51 and 100 that have yet to have a female law dean: Belmont University College of Law [Est. 2011], Drake University Law School [Est. 1865], Florida International University College of Law [Est. 2000], Marquette University Law School [Est. 1908], the University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School of Law [1867] and the University of St. Thomas School of Law (Minnesota) [Est. 1999]. ...

paper titled “Law School Dean Wanted: A Woman for All Reasons,” published in 2021 by Villanova Law Review [Symposium, Gender Equality In Law Schools], found that many Americans saw structural barriers holding women back from top leadership positions in business, citing Pew Research Center data that surveyed adults in the U.S. over a roughly two-week period in summer 2018. ...

History of Women Deans
By 1980, seven women had served as deans of ABA-approved law schools, according to a 2016 edition of ABA Perspectives magazine.

Eighteen years later, that number doubled to 14. But another 18 years later, in 2016, the number jumped to 61.

Today, 86 women deans are currently serving, according to Rosenblatt’s Deans Database., Treated as an 'Idiot' at First Deanship, Nell Jessup Newton Reflects on Industry Progress for Women in Leadership:

When Nell Jessup Newton became the first woman dean of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law on July 1, 1998, some faculty and staff were not ready to accept a woman leader.

If she had any typo in a memo she sent out, someone would circle it and send it to the president saying, “Look at this idiot we have running the school,” Newton told in a recent interview.

After she left the University of Denver Law, “this small group actually sent flowers and candy to the chair of the dean search committee and sent cards to many other faculty members saying, ‘Thank you for taking our incompetent dean off our hands,’” she shared, saying that a lot of what happened was very gendered and was a “product of the time.”

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