Paul L. Caron

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Taylor, Travis, And Taxes: Addressing The Environmental Cost Of Private Jet Travel

Washington Post, Why the Idea of Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Jet Trip Is Sparking Controversy:

Flying on a private jet is one of the most carbon-polluting ways to travel. Legal scholars and lawmakers are calling for taxes to address the environmental cost.

Few celebrities have had their jet travel come under as intense scrutiny in recent months as Taylor Swift, who has crisscrossed the country in a private plane to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce play for the Kansas City Chiefs. Fox News blasted her on Sunday as she arrived in Baltimore to attend the AFC championship game, tweeting that her jet was “belching tons of CO2 emissions.”

Private jet trips rank as the most carbon-intensive ways to travel, generating nine times as much carbon per passenger as flying commercial, according to a 2023 paper from University College London. And now that the Chiefs have made it to the Super Bowl, many are wondering whether Swift will fly the roughly 14,000 miles it would take to get from a concert in Tokyo on Feb. 10 to the game in Las Vegas on Feb. 11 and then to Melbourne in time for her next show on Feb. 16, reigniting the debate over whether owners of private planes should be held responsible for the planet-warming emissions they generate. ...

Swift’s publicist has said she buys carbon offsets to compensate for her jet travel, but didn’t respond to a request for more detail about what kind or how many offsets the artist has bought. There’s a wide range in quality and oversight in the offset market, and many offsets are meaningless.

But legal scholars and Congress members are pushing for another way to make private jet owners such as Swift pay for their emissions: taxes.

  • Taxing private jet fuel ...
  • Taxing private jet sales ...
  • Close business tax loopholes ...

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