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Saturday, November 18, 2023

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

Top Ten 2Legal Education:

  1. Tallahassee Democrat, Florida Has Momentum To Charge Donna, Then Wendi, In Dan Markel's Murder. Will Charlie Flip On His Family?
  2. Tallahassee Democrat, FBI Arrests Donna Adelson At Miami Airport, One Week After Her Son Charlie's Conviction In Dan Markel's Murder
  3. Tallahassee Democrat, Dan Markel Murder Update: Donna Adelson Arrested At Miami Airport With Husband Harvey And One-Way Tickets To Vietnam (No Extradition Treaty With The U.S.)
  4. Tallahassee Democrat, Grand Jury Indicts Donna Adelson In Dan Markel's Murder, Two Days After Miami Airport Arrest
  5. Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), 25% Through The Fall 2024 Law School Admissions Season: Applicants Are Down -3.7%, With Biggest Decline (-10.2%) In The 170-180 LSAT Band
  6. ABC13, Texas Southern Law Students Stage Walkout After Associate Dean Resigns
  7. California Bar, Bar Exam Pass Rate Falls To 51.5%, Bucking Upward National Trend
  8. ABA Journal, Columbia Law Prof Banned From Depositions After Allegations Of Verbal Abuse, Intimidating Presence 
  9. Jonathan Choi (USC), Amy Monahan (Minnesota) & Daniel Schwarcz (Minnesota), Lawyering In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence 
  10. Gabor Melli (LegalOn Technologies), Daniel Lewis (LegalOn Technologies) & Dru Stevenson (South Texas), ChatGPT-4 Passes Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), Beats Law School Graduates And Other Generative AI Models


  1. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: Merely Winning Does Not Entitle Taxpayer To Attorneys Fees 
  2. David Weisbach (Chicago) & Sam Kortum (Yale), Climate Change Policy in the International Context: Solving the Carbon Leakage Problem 
  3. Michael Graetz (Columbia), To Avoid The Moore Morass, The Court Should DIG It (Dismiss As Improvidently Granted) 
  4. Laura Snyder (President, Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation; Board of Directors, Association of Americans Resident Overseas), Discriminatory Taxes and Congress: Do as I Say, Not as I Do 
  5. Ben Alarie (Toronto), Will AI Replace Tax Practitioners? 
  6. Taxpayer's Reply Brief In Moore v. United States, Macomber Decided The Question Of Realization, Decided It Correctly, And That Holding Remains Good Law 
  7. David Elkins (Netanya), Review Of The 16th Amendment And Congress’s Income Tax Power, By John Brooks (Fordham) & David Gamage (Indiana-Maurer)
  8. SSRN, The Top Five New Tax Papers
  9. Roundup, Next Week's Tax Workshops
  10. Roundup, Tax Policy In The Biden Administration


  1. Wall Street Journal, Department Of Education Imposes Largest Fine In History On America's Largest Christian College; Was It Targeted By Biden Administration?
  2. John Inazu (Washington University), The Lack Of Clarity And Courage In Higher Education On Hamas And Israel
  3. New York Times, The Christian Faith Of Speaker Of The House Mike Johnson 
  4. Washington Post Op-Ed (Anne Lamott), It’s Good to Remember: We Are All On Borrowed Time

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