Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Center For Taxpayer Rights Hosts Conference On Transforming Tax Administration

The Center for Taxpayer Rights hosted a conference on Transforming Tax Administration: Toward an Effective, Trusted & Inclusive IRS

Center for taxpayer rightsThe Center for Taxpayer Rights is pleased to convene this conference on Transforming Tax Administration: Toward an Effective, Trusted & Inclusive IRS. In August 2022, Congress enacted the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Public Law 117-169, which provides for $80 billion in funding over a ten year period to enhance Internal Revenue Service (IRS) resources and improve taxpayer compliance. While some of this funding may be reduced in future appropriations bills, there is no doubt that the IRS needs a major investment in cash and expertise to transform itself from a mid-20th century tax administration to one that reflects and meets the needs of today’s taxpayers and the economy they operate in.

Panel 1: The IRS Budget: Exploring IRS Service & Enforcement Categories, and Re-Thinking Measuring Performance

Keynote Address: 

  • Daniel Werfel, Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Panel 2: IRS Rulemaking & Administrative Procedures: Transparency & Fostering Public Participation

Panel 3: IRS Research Agenda: Collaboration, Transparency & Increasing Access to Data

  • Margot Crandall-Hallick (Congressional Research Service) (moderator)
  • Jacob Goldin (Chicago; Google Scholar
  • Melanie Krause (IRS) 
  • Elaine Maag (Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center; Google Scholar
  • Nina E. Olson (Center for Taxpayer Rights), Legislative Recommendation

Panel 4: Digitalization & the Digital Divide: Reaping the Benefits of Digital Tools While Leaving No Taxpayer Behind

  • Alice Thomas (Howard) (moderator)
  • Stephanie Fiumara (IRS) 
  • Jeremy Grant (Venable, Better Identity Coalition) 
  • Anna V. Gooch (Center for Taxpayer Rights) 
  • Claire Miller (Australian Tax Office)

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