Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tax Law Just Doesn’t Pay Like It Used To

Steven Chung (Tax Attorney, Los Angeles), Potential Client Wants To Pay A Tax Lawyer $50 To Answer Unlimited Questions For 6 Weeks:

Last night, as I was scrolling through Twitter/X looking for the post that would change my life, a colleague shared a post from someone seeking a tax attorney with intermediate experience.

Most people responded to the potential client’s post with ridicule. But I wonder how many of them did the same thing. How many of them called their professional friends to ask a simple question which turned into a 20-minute conversation?

I get it. Lawyers are expensive. I don’t think I can afford one myself if I were to ever need one. But lawyers have to pay bills as well. And they hate moochers. Rather than putting a low offer online that will get ridiculed, try something different. For example, treat the tax lawyer to an 18-hole round of golf, and he will probably be happy to answer all the questions you have at the golf course.

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