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Friday, November 24, 2023

Judge Orders Ex-Mother-in-Law Of Slain FSU Professor Held Without Bond; A Look Inside The Adelson Family Dynamics

ABC News, Judge Orders Ex-Mother-in-Law of Slain FSU Professor Held Without Bond:

Court TV, A Look Inside the Adelson Family Dynamics:

Tallahassee Democrat, No Bond: Donna Adelson Has First Hearing in Leon County in Dan Markel Murder Case:

Donna Adelson sat silently in the Leon County jail as she learned she would remain behind bars after being charged in the 2014 murder of her former son-in-law Dan Markel.

Adelson, 73, was joined by her Miami-based attorney Marissel Descalzo via Zoom as Leon County Judge Jason Jones discussed conditions of her bonds and the amounts. The hearing took place just hours after she was booked into the jail ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

She was granted $50,000 bail for two of her charges, solicitation and conspiracy, but the state recommended no bond for first-degree murder — a decision that would seal a jail stay pending trial. Descalzo stipulated, or agreed, to that decision, ordered by Jones, though she intends to take it up with Leon Circuit Judge Stephen Everett, who is overseeing the case. ...

She arrived at the capital county's jail early Tuesday where she joined her son, Charlie Adelson, facing a life sentence for the murder of Dan Markel, after she spent a week in the Miami jail.

Local law enforcement and the FBI intercepted her and her husband, Harvey Adelson, on Nov. 13 before they could board a one-way flight to Vietnam. ...

When Donna Adelson was arrested, FBI Agent Pat Sanford — who has been a key witness for the state — confiscated her phone.

"Donna attempted to pull away and prevent him from grabbing it," a search warrant affidavit states. "Donna said she was told not to give her phone to law enforcement."

Leon Circuit Judge Stephen Everett, who presided over Charlie Adelson's trial, signed a search warrant allowing investigators to search her phone for anything after June 2012 to now.

"The data being sought is any that would further the investigation into the communications and actions of Donna Adelson during the crime and of any events related to this incident before the crime occurred," records say.

Adelson made multiple phone calls to her son in jail after the guilty verdict "telling Charles Adelson that she is getting things in order, creating trusts and making sure her grandchildren are taken care of," according to court documents. She also was recorded discussing a possible suicide and plans to flee to a non-extradition country. ...

State Attorney Jack Campbell previously told the Tallahassee Democrat that the state didn't have evidence to arrest Harvey Adelson at the time of his wife's arrest.

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