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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Anti-Israel Protesters Overrun Columbia Law School And Disrupt Classes

Aaron Sibarium (Washington Free Beacon), Columbia Administrators Stand By as Anti-Israel Protesters Overrun Law School and Disrupt Classes:

Columbia (2023)Administrators at Columbia Law School stood by for hours on Thursday as anti-Israel protesters took over the law school's lobby, refusing to shut down an unauthorized demonstration that disrupted nearby classes for nearly three hours and violated several school policies. The law school has said nothing about whether the demonstrators will suffer any consequences.

The protest, part of which was captured on video, caused such a ruckus that Menachem Weiss, a third-year law student, left class to see what was going on. Standing beneath a banner that read "ceasefire now," which had been hung from a second-floor balcony, student protesters used a megaphone to broadcast their demands to the university.

The students, members of the Columbia Law Coalition for a Free Palestine, called on administrators to announce an economic boycott of the Jewish state and acknowledge that "students of color are endangered by Public Safety and law enforcement." They also demanded the establishment of a "Center for Palestinian Legal Studies" and a "task-force to protect students from Islamophobia."

"It was so loud I couldn't focus," Weiss told the Washington Free Beacon.

Columbia Spectator, Dozens of Law School Students Stage Sit-In, Read Names of Palestinian Civilians Killed in Israel-Hamas War:

Dozens of Law School students held a demonstration in the lobby of Jerome L. Greene Hall on Thursday and read the names of Palestinian civilians who have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war.

Student organizers intended to read the names of over 11,000 deceased civilians before leaving. Demonstrators hung a banner from the third-floor corridor inscribed with calls for a ceasefire and divestment from businesses associated with Israel. The banner also included the names of Palestinian civilians killed in the conflict.

Deen Haleem, Law ’24, laid out six demands for “the political community”: an immediate ceasefire, recognition of the “ongoing genocide” happening in Palestine and Gaza, an end to “Israeli apartheid,” divestment from and sanctioning of Israel, protection of students’ free speech, and the rejection of efforts to equate anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian statements with antisemitism. ...

Participants maintained that the demonstration did not disrupt classes being held at the Law School.

Hot Air, Columbia Law School Does Nothing As Anti-Israel Protesters Halt Classes

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