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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Adelson Family Had 'Piles' Of Cash And Millions In The Bank When Dan Markel Was Murdered

Tallahassee Democrat, Adelson Family Had 'Piles' of Cash and Millions in the Bank When Dan Markel Was Murdered:

Donna Adelson, who was nabbed by the FBI trying to board a one-way flight to Vietnam before charges were filed against her in the murder of Dan Markel, had plenty of money to start a new life in a non-extradition country.

She and her husband, Harvey Adelson, a retired dentist with a once lucrative practice in Tamarac, their son, Charlie Adelson, a well-to-do traveling periodontist, and their daughter, Wendi Adelson, an attorney, had millions of dollars between them in checking, savings and investment accounts.

That doesn’t include the “piles” of cash that Donna and Harvey Adelson kept in a safe or the $100,000-plus dollars in stapled bills that Charlie Adelson forked over to his ex-girlfriend and two hit men. ...

Adelson family had more than $8 million combined at the time of the murder nine-plus years ago

Adelson Accounts

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