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Saturday, October 21, 2023

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

Top Ten 2Legal Education:

  1. Steven Davidoff Solomon (UC-Berkeley), Don’t Hire My Anti-Semitic Berkeley Law Students
  2. New York Times, At NYU Law And Harvard, Fallout From Israel-Hamas Student Comments Continues 
  3. Florida Politics, Big Developments One Week Before Charlie Adelson's Trial In Dan Markel's Murder
  4. Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), Should Law Schools Weigh In On Political Matters?
  5. Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), Should University Presidents (And Law School Deans) Embrace Neutrality?
  6. Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), July 2023 Texas Bar Exam Results: Texas A&M #1
  7. New York Times, Davis Polk Rescinds Offers To Three Students At Columbia And Harvard For Statements On Israel, But May Reverse Itself
  8. Michael Simkovic (USC), Law Professor Pay Plummeted 30% This Decade While College President Pay Rose 20%
  9. Orin Kerr (UC-Berkeley), LSAC To Drop 'Logic Games' From LSAT Starting In August
  10. John Inazu (Washington University), The Pitfalls And Perils Of Faculty Hiring


  1. Benjamin Alarie (Toronto), Automated Tax Planning: Who’s Liable When AI Gets It Wrong?
  2. Lawrence Zelenak (Duke), Reading The Taxpayers’ Brief In Moore
  3. IR-2023-192, IRS Announces Direct e-File Tax Return Pilot Program In 13 States For 2024 Filing Season
  4. Steven Rosenthal (Tax Policy Center), Moore Could Invalidate Decades Of Tax Rules
  5. Lawrence Zelenak (Duke), What We Talk About When We Talk About Tax Shelters
  6. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: The Limits Of Collection Due Process
  7. Michelle Layser (San Diego), Review Of Gregory v. Helvering: A Red Herring that Shaped Tax Jurisprudence, By David Elkins (Netanya)
  8. SSRN, The Top Five New Tax Papers
  9. Roundup, Next Week's Tax Workshops
  10. Roundup, Tax Policy In The Biden Administration


  1. Inside Higher Ed, Nation's Largest Christian University Says Biden Administration Is Unjustly Targeting It
  2. Wall Street Journal Op-Ed (Mike Kerrigan), We Can All Learn About Forgiveness From Colorado Football Player Travis Hunter
  3. Christianity Today, Ted Lasso, Pelagius, And Augustine: Can People Change?
  4. John Inazu (Washington University), Nii Addy: Christian. Black. Neuroscientist.
  5. Symposium, The Religiously Affiliated Law Schools Conference

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