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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Day 1 Of Charlie Adelson's Trial In Dan Markel's Murder: Rundown Of Witnesses, Jury Selection 

Tallahassee Democrat, Dan Markel Murder: Walkthrough of Witnesses Making the Case For, Against Charlie Adelson:

Adelson (Charlie) (2023)About 50 people have been called as potential witnesses, including Luis Rivera, the getaway driver and the state’s star witness in the two previous trials; Sigfredo Garcia, who Rivera testified pulled the trigger; and Katherine Magbanua, the mother of Garcia’s children and Charlie Adelson’s girlfriend at the time of the murder.

Still unknown is whether Charlie Adelson himself will take the stand, though his attorneys have alluded to the possibility in recent court hearings. Legal observers expect he may be forced to testify, a peril for any defendant, given the secretly recorded conversation between him and Magbanua at the Dolce Vita restaurant in Miami Beach — the state’s closest thing to a smoking gun.

During the 2016 conversation, Charlie Adelson suggested paying or possibly killing an FBI agent posing as a blackmailer and warned he would go “Nazi” on anyone who messed with his family. He also said that “if they had any evidence, we would have already gone to the airport.”

Tim Jansen, a Tallahassee prominent criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor who has closely watched the case, called the Dolce Vita recording “the crux” of the state’s case. He noted, however, that it includes statements by Adelson that the defense could seize upon, including that he didn’t “know anything.”

“I think 100% he testifies,” Jansen said. “The government’s strongest thing is going to be the Dolce Vita tape. They (defense lawyers) have to neutralize it or try to turn it to their advantage.”

Here are all the individuals listed on state and defense witness lists for the Adelson trial. Many testified during Garcia and Magbanua's trial in 2019 and her second trial in 2022. It’s possible some of the witnesses won’t be called.

Tallahassee Democrat, 'Can You Be Fair?' Jury Selection Begins in Charlie Adelson Murder Trial:

Jury selection began Monday in the murder trial of Charlie Adelson, the Fort Lauderdale periodontist charged as the mastermind in the 2014 murder-for-hire killing of Dan Markel.

Leon Circuit Judge Stephen Everett, who is presiding, told the first batch of jurors Monday morning that jury selection could run through Thursday and that the entire trial could last for three weeks.

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