Paul L. Caron

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Charlie Adelson’s Parents Will Not Testify In Dan Markel Murder Trial To Begin On Monday

Tallahassee Democrat, Charlie Adelson's Parents Won't Be Called as Witnesses in his Murder Trial After All:

Adelson ParentsDonna and Harvey Adelson, whose family has long been investigated in the killing of law professor Dan Markel, won’t be taking the stand in their son’s upcoming murder trial after all.

During a hearing Friday, Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman issued a stipulated motion in open court showing that Charlie Adelson waived his rights to call his parents as witnesses in the case. The state, meanwhile, agreed to withdraw all subpoenas compelling them to testify in the case.

The move came a week after Leon Circuit Judge Stephen Everett threatened to hold Donna and Harvey Adelson in contempt of court if they failed to comply with state subpoenas and appear — for the first time since Markel’s murder in 2014 — for an interview with prosecutors.

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