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Monday, August 28, 2023

Charlie Adelson's Lawyer Promises ‘Crazy’ Truths In Dan Markel Murder Trial Beginning October 23

Florida Politics, Attrition Warfare in the Dan Markel Case — Charlie Adelson’s Lawyer Foreshadows Longer Trial:

Adelson (Charlie) (2022)[Attrition warfare is] what accused murderer Charlie Adelson and his lawyer Daniel Rashbaum seem to be hoping for as they head toward his fall trial in the hired killing of Charlie’s former brother-in-law, FSU law professor Dan Markel: exhaust the system, “win” a mistrial, and get another chance at acquittal down the road.

In today’s (Aug. 25) case management hearing, Rashbaum told Judge Robert Wheeler that his team anticipates a more extended trial than the scheduled two weeks. ...

Rashbaum previously forecast what he claims will be a far more interesting trial than the previous two in this case, in which explosive, “crazy” truths may come to light. ...

Beyond these convictions and life sentences, both Magbanua and accomplice Luis Rivera have turned state witness, with the testimony we’ve heard to date affirming a dreadful truth: Charlie masterminded the murder along with his sister, Wendi Adelson, and mother, Donna Adelson, so that Wendi could relocate to South Florida with the Markel boys, change their last names, restart her life with proceeds from Dan’s life insurance, and relieve herself of the inconvenience of an ex-husband who sought to hold her accountable to the terms of their marital settlement agreement.

Indeed, Markel had become quite inconvenient to Wendi and her parents.

In the year before his murder, Markel uncovered what he believed to be financial misdoings by Wendi that could have led to devastating professional consequences for her and had initiated a legal process to limit unsupervised access by Donna to his boys following her unyielding disparagement of him to them. The motive in this murder is clear, matched by extraordinary evidence that Charlie took action to fulfill his mother’s and sister’s wishes.

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