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Monday, June 12, 2023

Columbia Hosts 2023 Tax Policy Workshop

Columbia hosts the two-day 2023 Tax Policy Workshop (program):

Monday, June 12:

Columbia (2023)Steve Hamilton (George Washington), Hundreds and Thousands: Bunching at Positive, Salient Tax Balances and the Cost of Reducing Tax Liabilities (with Robert Breunig (Australian National University; Google Scholar) & Nathan Deutscher (Australian National University; Google Scholar))
Discussant: Michael Best (Massachusetts; Google Scholar)

Rebecca Kysar (Fordham; Google Scholar), Towards Global Taxation
Discussant: Emily Satterthwaite (Georgetown; Google Scholar)

Michael Love (Columbia), Who Benefits from Partnership Flexibility?
Discussant: Andrew Hayashi (Virginia; Google Scholar)

David Schizer (Columbia), Transaction-Specific Tax Reform in Three Steps: The Case of Constructive Ownership
Discussant: Victor Fleischer (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar)

David Weisbach (Chicago; Google Scholar), Against Anti-Tax Exceptionalism, 77 Tax L. Rev. __ (2023)
Discussant: Thomas Brennan (Harvard)

Tuesday, June 13: 

Lilian Faulhaber (Georgetown; Google Scholar), The Influences that Shaped the Pillars: The History of the Inclusive Framework and Why It Matters for International Tax Reform
Discussant: Jake Brooks (Fordham; Google Scholar)

Jeff Larrimore (Federal Reserve; Google Scholar), Earnings Business Cycles: The Covid Recession, Recovery, and Policy Response (with Jacob Mortenson (Joint Committee on Taxation; Google Scholar) & David Splinter (Joint Committee on Taxation; Google Scholar))
Discussant: Wojciech Kopczuk (Columbia; Google Scholar)

Michael Smart (Toronto; Google Scholar), Distributionally Sensitive Cost-Benefit Analysis
Discussant: Nirupama Rao (Michigan; Google Scholar)

Cailin Slattery (UC-Berkeley; Google Scholar), The Political Economy of Subsidy-Giving
Discussant: Jacob Bastian (Rutgers; Google Scholar)

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