Paul L. Caron

Sunday, May 7, 2023

The Top Five New Tax Papers

There is a bit of movement in this week's list of the Top 5 Recent Tax Paper Downloads, with a new paper debuting on the list at #3:

  1. SSRN Logo (2018)[644 Downloads]  Carried Too Far? A Challenge to the Tax Treatment of Carried Interest in the Private Equity Industry, by Dan Neidle (Tax Policy Associates)
  2. [440 Downloads]  GILTI and the GloBE, by Heydon Wardell-Burrus (Oxford)
  3. [377 Downloads]  Does the 'Initial Phase Relief' Make the EU’s Pillar Two Directive Invalid?, by Georg Kofler (Vienna University of Economics and Business; Google Scholar) & Arne Schnitger (Free University of Berlin)
  4. [254 Downloads]  Taxation of Information and the Data Revolution, by Yariv Brauner (Florida; Google Scholar)
  5. [229 Downloads]  Admin Law And The Crisis Of Tax Administration, by Brian Galle (Georgetown; Google Scholar) & Stephen Shay (Boston College; Google Scholar)

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