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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Conference For Tax Profs Tenured 1-15 Years At San Diego

San Diego hosted a combined AMT (Association of Mid-Level Tax Scholars Conference, for those tenured for 1-10 years) and EITC (Experienced in Tax Conference, for those tenured for 11-15 years) earlier this week:

Usd lawPanel #1:

Ari Glogower (Ohio State; Google Scholar), Restoring Substance to the Taxing Power
Discussant: Omri Marian (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar)

Jake Brooks (Fordham; Google Scholar), The Constitutional Meaning of “Income”: Moore v. United States and the Movement to Revive Eisner v. Macomber
Discussant: Michael Doran (Virginia; Google Scholar)

Brian Galle (Georgetown; Google Scholar), Unreserved: Central Banks Have Powerful New Tools for Controlling the Economy but They’re Still Playing by the Old Rules
Discussant: Steven Dean (Brooklyn)

Panel #2:

Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Cardozo; Google Scholar), Taxing the Metaverse, 116 Geo. L.J. __ (2023)
Discussant: Brian Galle (Georgetown; Google Scholar)

Manoj Viswanathan (UC-San Francisco; Google Scholar), Tax and Expectation Damages
Discussant: David Gamage (Indiana-Maurer; Google Scholar)

Panel #3:

Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego; Google Scholar), The Case for a Universal Child Allowance
Discussant: Ari Glogower (Ohio State; Google Scholar)

Omri Marian (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar), The Excessive Taxation of Unsteady Employment
Discussant: Manoj Viswanathan (UC-San Francisco; Google Scholar)

David Gamage (Indiana-Maurer; Google Scholar), The Policy and Politics of Alternative Minimum Taxes: The New Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax, The Proposed Billionaire Minimum Income Tax, and Others
Discussant: Heather Field (UC-San Francisco; Google Scholar)

Phil Hackney (Pittsburgh; Google Scholar), Arts Organizations as Charitable or Incurably Aristocratic?
Discussant: Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego; Google Scholar)

Panel #4:

Emily Cauble (Wisconsin; Google Scholar), Experimentally Assessing the Impact of Informal Tax Guidance
Discussant: Shu-Yi Oei (Duke; Google Scholar)

Heather Field (UC-San Francisco; Google Scholar), Tax Enforcement by the Private Sector: Deputizing Tax Insurers
Discussant: Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Cardozo; Google Scholar)

Panel #5:

Steven Dean (Brooklyn), Global Jim Crow
Discussant: Emily Cauble (Wisconsin; Google Scholar)

Shu-Yi Oei (Duke; Google Scholar), Understanding Developing Country Tax Treaties with OECD Partners: A Multilevel Analysis
Discussant: Jake Brooks (Fordham; Google Scholar)

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