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Friday, April 21, 2023

U.S. News Indefinitely Postpones Law And Medical School Rankings Amid Backlash

US News (2023)Update:

Following up on Wednesday's post, U.S. News Delays Release Of Law School Rankings Again Due To 'Unprecedented Number Of Inquiries,' Including From Schools That Are Ostensibly Boycotting The Rankings: Reuters, U.S. News & World Report Indefinitely Postpones Law and Medical School Rankings Amid Backlash:

U.S. News & World Report has delayed the release of its law school and medical school rankings for a second time, without a new publication date. ...

[L]aw school consultant Mike Spivey [said the] indefinite delay has not gone over well. ... “The ire from a number of law school deans is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” ...

[A]fter receiving a preview version of the rankings on April 11, some law schools raised concerns about potential errors in the rankings data and asked for further review.

"Although we no longer participate in the U.S. News rankings, we expect the magazine to use accurate, publicly available numbers if it intends to continue to make representations about our law school,” wrote Harvard Law assistant dean Marva de Marothy in a Wednesday letter to U.S. News that it shared with Reuters.

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