Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Colloquium On Taxing Income And Consumption Today At Queensland (Australia)

Queensland University of Technology Hosts a Colloquium today on Taxing Income and Consumption: Past, Present and Future. Highliughts include:

Queensland university of technologyAddressing Some Tax Fundamentals

  • Victor Thuronyi (International Monetary Fund), Should We Tax Income or Consumption? 

International Tax: BEPS and Beyond

  • Cliff Fleming (BYU; Google Scholar), Robert Peroni (Texas) & Stephen Shay (Boston College; Google Scholar), What's the Problem That Prompted Pillar 2 and is there a Better Solution?

Tax Reform: Lessons for the Future

  • Robert Peroni (Texas) (chair)
  • Karen Brown (George Washington), Placing the Last First: Reparation through International Tax Reform

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