Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How Law Schools With Bar Pass Issues Can Get Their Rates Above 75%

ABA Journal, How Can Law Schools With History of Bar Pass Issues Get Their Rates Above 75%?:

The University of Dayton School of Law has an accomplishment many see as important—both its two-year and first-time bar pass rates are now above 75%. The law school’s two-year pass rate fell below 75% once, for the class of 2018This year, the two-year pass rate (based on the class of 2020) is 97.06%, and the first-time pass rate is 75.58%. ...

Of the 19 existing law schools that at some point since 2020 had two-year bar pass rates below 75%, Dayton is one of six that has not received public notice of noncompliance. A chart with the data can be seen below. ...


[For the other 14 law schools, see here]

Bill Adams, managing director of ABA accreditation and legal education, told the ABA Journal that 316 compliance is determined by a law school’s pass rate, and how the council handles noncompliance can vary, with a variety of sanctions.

“Whether a sanction is appropriate, as well as the level of sanction, depends upon several factors; most importantly, whether the school has identified the cause of the noncompliance and is taking steps to remedy it,” he wrote in an email.

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