Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

ABA Finds 4 Law Schools Back In Compliance With Accreditation Standards: Hofstra (Faculty Diversity), Ave Maria, UDC & Vermont (2-Year Bar Passage)

ABA Legal Ed (2022)In November, the ABA found Hofstra out of compliance with Accreditation Standard 206, which requires a faculty that is diverse with respect to gender, race, and ethnicity. From its 2021 509 report:

  • 47 full-time faculty: 51.1% female, 10.6% people of color
  • 81 non full-time faculty: 29.6% female, 8.6% people of color
  • 128 total faculty: 37.5% female, 9.38% people of color

Last month, the ABA found Hofstra back in compliance. From its 2022 509 report:

  • 50 full-time faculty: 54.0% female, 14.0% people of color
  • 77 non full-time faculty: 35.1% female, 6.5% people of color
  • 127 total faculty: 42.5% female, 9.45% people of color

In December, the ABA found three law schools out of out of compliance with Accreditation Standard 316, which requires a 75% two-year bar passage rate, for their Class of 2019:

Last month, the ABA found the three schools back in compliance with Standard 316 for their Class of 2020:

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