Paul L. Caron

Friday, February 24, 2023

Stetson Hosts 2nd Annual Tax Law Symposium Today

The Stetson Business Law Review hosts a Tax Law Symposium today at  9:00 AM (registration): 

Stetson Law Business Law ReviewState and Local Tax Law Panel

  • George Thurlow, America’s Most Hated Tax?: Why Property Taxes Are Unfair and Regressive Taxation
  • Omar Hussein, Stock Transfer Taxes in the Modern Age

Embracing Tax Avoidance

Corporate Taxation Panel

  • David Pope (Pope, Shamsie & Dooley), State Corporate Income Tax Apportionment: How There's More Than One Way to Slice a Pie
  • Tomer Stein (Stetson; Google Scholar), Multistate Business Entities, 55 Ariz. St. L.J. __ (2023) (with Andrew D. Appleby (Stetson; Google Scholar))
  • Nicole Zaworska (Spencer Fane), Tax Considerations and Consequences of Section 338(h)(10) and Section 336(e) Elections in the Sale of S Corporations

Keynote Address 

Digital Economy & Blockchain Panel

Tax Insurance—A Solution for Known Tax Risks

  • John Rayis (Skadden)

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