Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

New AI Detector Is 97% Effective In Catching Students Cheating With ChatGPT

University Business, Plagiarism Catcher Turnitin Announces ‘State-of-the-Art’ AI Writing Detector:

Open AI ChatGPTDoes artificial intelligence have a place in the classroom? That’s yet to be decided as generative AI tools, namely ChatGPT, continue to rock the higher education sphere. What we do know is that efforts to curb cheating have steadily increased since its inception.

OpenAI, the chatbot’s creator, launched its own AI-writing detector several weeks ago, yet it’s not 100% accurate, according to the company. They recommend that the classified not be the sole indicator of plagiarism, but instead “as a complement to other methods of determining the source of a piece of text.”

Most recently, the well-known plagiarism catcher Turnitin announced that it has successfully developed a generative AI detector that is capable of identifying 97% of text written by ChatGPT with a less than 1% false positive rate. It is expected to be available as early as April 2023.

“Based on how our detection technology is performing in our lab and with a significant number of test samples, we are confident that Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities will give educators information to help them decide how to best handle work that may have been influenced by AI writing tools,” said Chief Product Officer Annie Chechitelli in a statement.

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