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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Bishop Posts Two Papers On ChatGPT

Lea Bishop (Indiana-McKinney): 

Open AI ChatGPTCan ChatGPT 'Think Like a Lawyer?' A Socratic Dialogue:

A witty socratic dialogue with a language-generation model, exploring the aims of legal education in the new era of machine writing.

If you are a lawyer, a law student, or a law professor, you already have a good understanding of what it means to “think like a lawyer.”

For everyone else, there is ChatGPT. Hey, ChatGPT, give me a hand here…Let’s have a Socratic Dialogue. I’ll type a question, and you do your best to answer it. Your answers don’t need to be perfect. Because I want my readers to see exactly how you do what you do, I am not going to edit your responses at all. Okay, let’s go…

A Computer Wrote this Paper: What ChatGPT Means for Education, Research, and Writing:

Of particular interest to educators, an exploration of what new language-generation software does (and does not) do well. Argues that the new language-generation models make instruction in writing mechanics irrelevant, and that educators should shift to teaching only the more advanced writing skills that reflect and advance critical thinking. The difference between mechanical and advanced writing is illustrated through a "Socratic Dialogue" with ChatGPT. Appropriate for classroom discussion at High School, College, Professional, and PhD levels.

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