Paul L. Caron

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Georgetown|International Tax Policy Forum Conference: International Taxation in Flux

Georgetown-itpThe Georgetown Law School Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) and the International Tax Policy Forum (ITPF) host a conference today on International Taxation in Flux (program):

Panel #1: Primer: OECD/G20 Two-Pillar Project 

  • Will Morris (PwC) (moderator)
  • Mindy Herzfeld (Florida), Pillar One
  • Lily Faulhaber (Georgetown; Google Scholar), Pillar Two

Panel #2: Assessment of Pillar One Amount A

  • Alan Auerbach (UC-Berkeley; Google Scholar) (moderator)
  • Stewart Brant (PwC), Issues in the implementation of Pillar One
  • Kartikeya Singh (PwC), US revenue and competitiveness implications

Panel #3: Assessment of Pillar Two

  • Michelle Hanlon (MIT; Google Scholar) (moderator)
  • Pat Brown (PwC), Issues in the implementation of Pillar Two 
  • David Noren (McDermott), Compatibility with treaties?

Panel #4: Is the Two-Pillar Project fit for Purpose (and Better than the Alternatives?)

Luncheon Address 

  • John Samuels (ITPF) (introduction)
  • Itai Grinberg (Treasury DAS–Multilateral Negotiations)

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