Paul L. Caron

Monday, January 30, 2023

Columbia Law Professor's 'F--k You' To Student Question Caught On Video, Columbia Law Professor's 'F--k You' to Student Question Caught on Video:

"I am ashamed of my conduct," Professor Daniel Capra said in an email to on Friday. "I apologized to the student and to my class. I have devoted my career to serving and helping students and I am mortified that I acted here the way I did,” he said.

David Lat, Going Viral:

To be fair to Professor Capra, he didn’t drop the F-bomb to the student’s face; instead, he muttered the profanity to himself, after she walked away. But because he was still being recorded, it wound up on video, for all the world to hear. ... Moral of the story: few things can burn you as badly as a hot mic.

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