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Friday, December 2, 2022

Judges Leading Boycott Of Yale Law School Note Positive Free Speech Developments

Following up on yesterday's post, Yale Hosts Discussion Tonight On 'Is Free Speech Dead On Campus?' With Federal Judges Leading Boycott Of Yale Law School:  Yale Daily News, Course Correction Underway at Yale Law, Boycotting Judges Say:

BuckleyAround 80 students crammed into an unassuming Harkness Hall classroom Wednesday afternoon to hear from the two figures largely responsible for Yale Law School’s widespread media attention in recent months.

Judges James C. Ho and Elizabeth Branch, both prominent conservative appointees of former president Donald Trump, made headlines when they publicly announced they would no longer be hiring clerks from Yale Law School.

On Wednesday, the boycotting duo engaged in a discussion about free speech on college campuses moderated by law professor Akhil Reed Amar, whom Ho singled out as a personal friend at the beginning of his remarks.

“Cancel culture is a cancer on our culture,” Ho said in his opening statement to the room. “And we need to cure it before it’s too late.”

Branch also confirmed to the News that she and Ho would be attending a panel organized by Yale Law School administration at the beginning of next year. She went on to explain that the invitation to the panel made no reference to her and Ho’s boycott. ...

Both Ho and Branch acknowledged “positive improvements” in the climate around speech at Yale Law. Ho specifically singled out a Federalist Society discussion featuring former Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell earlier this month. ...

During the panel, Branch made reference to the possibility that Kristen Waggoner, a conservative American lawyer, would be returning to campus. Waggoner’s presence on a Federalist Society panel last year spurred protests due to her affiliation with a Southern Poverty Law classified hate group.

The Yale Law School press office declined to comment on whether or not Waggoner would be returning.

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