Paul L. Caron

Thursday, November 24, 2022

NY Times: Tax Prof Cruciverbalist

New York Times Crosswords, Collision Courses:

NY TimesSamuel A. Donaldson is a law professor at Georgia State University, where he teaches courses on property, federal taxation and estate planning. He has been making crossword puzzles for The Times since 2008. His grids are typically filled with lively vocabulary, and this one is no different. “Solvers might not realize the theme until after they’re done,” Mr. Donaldson said of this puzzle, “so I wanted the process of getting to the finish line to be as enjoyable as possible.”, GSU Law Prof Goes Across and Down to Create NY Times Crosswords:

Getting a crossword puzzle published in The New York Times is "one of the few meritocracies left," says Georgia State law professor Samuel Donaldson.

New York Times Crosswords, Chores Galore:

Today’s constructor, Samuel A. Donaldson, is a law professor at Georgia State University and an author of textbooks on contracts, wills, trusts and estates. He’s also a 12-year Times puzzle veteran and the writer of the annual Orca Awards, which celebrate the best puzzles across several publications (and are well worth going through if you wish to solve the crème de la crème). All of these credentials are imposing, and this puzzle is a lark — the theme is breezy and fun, and the fill is glossy.

(Hat Tip: Linda Galler)

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