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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Law Student Claims Professor Named HIV-Positive Character On Exam After Her Because She’s Conservative

New York Post, Law School Student Claims Professor Named HIV-Positive Character on Exam After Her Because She's Conservative

StudentA University of Sydney, Australia student claims she was unfairly targeted in a law exam that sees a character with her first name kill a man, infect another with HIV and get thrown out of a window.

Freya Leach, 19, said she and her second-year criminal law cohort were given a fictional scenario as part of an end-of-semester test in which a character — a uni student named “Freya” — murders one of her left-leaning peers.

The namesake character also deliberately infects a sexual partner with HIV.

Leach, who is a member of the Conservative club and the Young Liberals, has accused the faculty of mocking her political views in the essay question, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Daily Mail, Angry Student Says Her Name Was Deliberately Used in Exam to Portray a Fictional HIV Positive Killer - But University Says It's Nothing But a Coincidence

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