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Friday, October 7, 2022

Texas A&M Conference For Associate Deans

Five years ago, on my first day as dean, I presented Faculty Scholarship Assessment: A (Very) New Dean's Perspective at the 2017 Texas A&M Associate Deans Conference.  I am delighted to be back at the 2022 Texas A&M Associate Deans Conference today as part of a Panel of Deans:

Texas A&MThis panel features current law deans with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They will discuss issues relevant to associate deans, including the relationship between the dean and associate dean, as well as advice for prospective law deans.

  • Robert Ahdieh (Texas A&M)
  • Paul Caron (Pepperdine)
  • Tamara Lawson (University of Washington)
  • Moderator: Gary Lucas (Texas A&M) 

My former boss, Lou Bilionis, is speaking on Professionalism and Leadership:

This panel will focus on professionalism and leadership, including a discussion of the recent changes to ABA Standard 303(b), which require law schools to provide substantial opportunities to students for the development of a professional identity.

  • Robert Ahdieh (Texas A&M)
  • Louis Bilionis (Cincinnati)
  • Aric Short (Texas A&M)
  • Linda Sugin (Fordham)
  • Moderator: Gary Lucas (Texas A&M) 

Pre-conference dinner:

Conference Dinner

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