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Friday, September 2, 2022

Notre Dame Ditches Binding Early Admissions. Will Other Top 30 Law Schools Follow?

Reuters, Notre Dame Law Is Ditching Binding Early Admissions. Will Others Follow?:

Notre Dame Law (2020)The University of Notre Dame Law School has ended its early decision admissions program, in a move experts say other law schools may follow amid ongoing uncertainty about the national applicant pool and concerns about access and equity.

The Indiana law school, ranked No. 25 by U.S. News & World Report, said Wednesday that it eliminated its program that enabled candidates to apply and receive a decision early if they agreed to withdraw their applications to other schools upon acceptance.

Notre Dame officials said the early decision program advantaged wealthier students and created added anxiety for applicants, and that scrapping it would promote diversity and equity. ...

More than a third of the law schools ranked in U.S. News’ top 30 offer binding early decision programs, though Yale, Stanford and Harvard do not.

The programs came into favor about 15 years ago as a way for law schools to lock in strong candidates early and avoid scholarship negotiations with students juggling multiple offers, according to law school admissions consultant Mike Spivey.

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