Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mann Presents Energy Tax Policy And Support For Zero-Emission Cars In Fleets Today At UC-Hastings

Roberta Mann (Oregon) presents Taxation Support for Zero-Emission Cars in Fleets: Cases from the US and Australia at UC-Hastings (with Diane Kraal (Monash; Google Scholar)) today as part of its Tax Speaker Series hosted by Heather Field:

Roberta-mannTwo qualitative case studies of fleet vehicles in the US and Australia are presented that consider the effect of energy tax policy to increase light car zero-emission electric vehicles (ZEV) adoption in each jurisdiction. The article reflects on tax policies of selected European countries with EV uptakes that surpass the US and Australia. This research makes a substantial contribution to energy policy in the US and Australia by determining energy policies that can enhance the uptake of light car ZEVs, thereby linking to the United Nation’s target of reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector. Recommendations are supported by analysis of case study transport emissions and government data. This article is significant because it presents strategies for more effectively using tax for energy policy in the US and Australia to increase the number of light car ZEVs. Taxation is seen as necessary to complement EV technology. The US case study finds tax changes are needed to support the current US energy policy of increased uptake of electric vehicles in government fleets.

The Australian case study finds the government needs to enhance its energy policy by adopting tax changes that are nationally uniform in support of ZEVs in fleets.

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