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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Former Texas Southern Dean Sues Law School Over Loss Of Tenure

Following up on my previous posts (links below):  Houston Chronicle, Former Texas Southern University Law School Dean Sues School Over Loss of Tenure:

BullockTexas Southern University’s former law school dean sued her ex-employer in federal court Wednesday, alleging that she was stripped of her position and tenure without cause.

Joan R. M. Bullock has also accused the university of breaching her contract and retaliating for bringing to the president and provost “matters of public concern” — including ones that she said could potentially affect the school’s ability to remain accredited.

“This affects me in a dramatic way,” Bullock said. “I believe in (Texas Southern’s) mission and its goals, and now it is putting me in an awkward position in looking for other employment. I think it is highly unfair what they have done.” ...

Bullock arrived in 2019 at the Historically Black University as the law school's first female dean. At the time, the Thurgood Marshall School of Law was working to repair its academic standing and reputation following a public censure for reports of gender discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as compliance issues related to low bar scores.

While passing rates remained the same or only slightly improved over the next few years, the law school returned to compliance with its accreditor, the American Bar Association. (Neither of the two classes she admitted have taken the bar exam, yet, she said.) Bullock also steered the ship as the school uncovered and responded to a pay-for-admissions scandal, which ousted an assistant dean and led to the toppling of the university president.

Update:  ABA Journal, Former Law School Dean Sues Texas University Over Loss of Tenure

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