Paul L. Caron

Thursday, September 29, 2022

An Empirical Analysis Of The Environmental Law Hiring Market From 2011 - 2022

Alex Erwin (Florida International), So You Want to be an Environmental Law Professor …: An Empirical Analysis of the Environmental Law Hiring Market from 2011 - 2022, 49 Ecology L. Currents __ (2022):

EnvUsing data collected by Professor Sarah Lawsky for her annual entry level hiring report, I analyzed trends in the hiring of environmental law professors (“ELPs”) from 2011 - 2022.

Key findings include:

  • 2022 was a strong year for ELP hiring – 11 ELPs were hired. This made up 9% of the total market.
  • 60% of new ELPs attended a “T-14” school for their initial law degree – this is lower than the percentage of new hires from “T-14” schools across the market as a whole (75%).
  • 92% of new ELPs had a fellowship and/or an additional degree.
  • Additional degrees were more common among new ELPs (79%) than across the market as a whole (58%).
  • Since 2017, 50% of new ELPs possessed a doctorate degree.
  • Clerkships were less common among ELPs (43%) than across the market as a whole (57%).
  • 66% of new ELPs practiced law in some capacity before entering academia.
  • Women made up 60% of ELP hires, while they made up only 46% of hires across the market as a whole

With this analysis, I provide insight into the hiring market for environmental law professors. I hope this analysis is useful and edifying for both aspiring environmental law professors and those in positions of hiring authority within the academy.

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