Paul L. Caron

Friday, August 12, 2022

Price Of Law School Hits New High At Columbia ($110,450), With Others Close Behind

Reuters, Price of Law School Hits New High at Columbia, With Others Close Behind:

Columbia (2017)A degree from Columbia Law School opens doors to lucrative law firm jobs, but attending the highly ranked law school in expensive New York City comes with a hefty price tag.

Columbia now pegs its cost of attendance at $110,450 for the current academic year, appearing to beat the estimate of any other law school. The figure includes the Manhattan law school’s $75,572 tuition, plus living expenses and various university fees.

That means a Columbia law student could spend more than $330,000 to complete their three-year degree.

“It’s a pretty crazy large number,” said University of Iowa law professor Derek Muller. “People will point out, ‘Well, there are scholarships.’ But not everyone gets very big scholarships, and very few get anything for cost of living.”

Muller sparked a discussion about the price of attending Columbia and its peer schools this week when he tweeted about the latest cost estimates. New York University School of Law’s estimated annual cost is $109,290; both Harvard and Stanford come in at $107,000; the University of Chicago’s estimate is roughly $106,000; and Georgetown Law's is $103,400 per year.

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