Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Pichhadze: Rethinking Tax Pedagogy At Oxford

The Oxford Blue Op-Ed:  Rethinking Tax Pedagogy at Oxford, by Amir Pichhadze (Oxford; Google Scholar):

OxfordHere at Oxford, there are gaps in the university’s approach to tax pedagogy. Clearly, the university attempts to provide students with opportunities for comprehensive tax education, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This is evident from the wide array of taxation courses offered at the university’s Faculty of Law and the Saïd Business School. Yet, as I recently pointed out in my presentation at the STORIES conference (STudents’ Ongoing Research In Educational Studies), which was hosted by Oxford’s Department of Education, thus far the University has not been providing students with opportunities for experiential tax education. In my presentation, I called on the University of Oxford to rethink its approach to pedagogy by providing students with opportunities for experiential learning of taxation, such as the establishment of a university-based Tax Clinic as well as Tax Mooting. I explained that experiential learning of taxation could benefit students by providing them with valuable, feasible, and necessary additional opportunities for developing industry specific skills as well as transferable employability skills, while also giving them the opportunity to gain work experience. It could also benefit other stakeholders such as the university itself as well as members of the public.

Further details on my proposals about the necessary way forward in tax pedagogy and curriculum design are expected in my forthcoming publication(s). I am hopeful and expect that if and when my proposals are implemented at the University of Oxford, this may also influence and guide the necessary and overdue development of experiential tax education at other universities in the UK and around the world; if and where gaps in the approaches to teaching taxation similarly exist and ought to be addressed.

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