Paul L. Caron

Monday, July 4, 2022

NALP: Entry-Level Public Service Attorney Salaries Soar In Four Years By 20% (Civil Legal Services) And 25% (Public Interest Organizations), But Stagnate For Public Defenders (2.4%)

NALP, New Public Service Attorney Salary Figures Show Growth Since 2018, But Remain Considerably Below Private Sector Salaries:

According to new research from NALP, salaries for public service attorneys have risen since 2018, particularly for attorneys working in civil legal services and public interest organizations. The results from the NALP/PSJD 2022 Public Service Attorney Salary Survey show that the median entry-level salaries for civil legal services and public interest organizations increased by $9,500 and $12,700, respectively, since the last survey was conducted in 2018. As shown in Table 1 below, that compares to increases of about $1,000 per year over the 2004-2018 period, although that growth was sometimes stagnant in the period from 2008-2014, depending on the kind of organization. Increases in median public defender salaries were more modest, with entry-level salaries only growing by $1,400 since 2018. However, the most experienced public defenders with 11 or more years of experience still earn the highest salaries across the 3 organization types.  ...

NALP Table 1

The 2022 Public Service Attorney Salary Report is based on a nationwide survey of civil legal services organizations, offices of public defenders, and public interest organizations, and provides salary information for both entry-level and experienced attorneys at these public service organizations as of January 1, 2022.

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