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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Fall 2022 Online Law Review Article Submission Guide

Following up on last week's post, Fall 2022 Law Review Article Submission Guide:  Bridget J. Crawford (Pace; Google Scholar), Information for Submitting to Online Law Review Companions:

Law Review SubmissionsThis document contains information about submitting essays, commentaries, reviews, responses, and other writings to online companions to the main law reviews and journals at selected law schools. The document includes word-count limitations, subject matter specifications, preferred submission methods, whether articles from the online journal are included in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library and other information of possible interest to authors. It covers 20 online companions to main law reviews.

Bridget J. Crawford, Submission Guide for Law Review Online Companions:

  1. More of the online journals are gravitating toward Scholastica for submissions (and from what I can tell, the big beneficiary of that move is that company's owners).
  2. Wash U Law Review Online is the only companion journal not yet included in the HeinOnline Law Journal Library, but expect that to change in the future.
  3. The length of pieces that online journals accept varies widely.

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