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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Fall 2022 Law Review Article Submission Guide

SubmissionsNancy Levit (UMKC) & Allen Rostron (UMKC) have updated their incredibly useful document, which contains two charts for the Fall 2022 submission season covering the 196 main journals of each law school.

We have created hyperlinks for each law review to take you directly to the law review’s submissions page. Again the chart includes as much information as possible about what law reviews are not accepting submissions right now and what months they say they’ll resume accepting submissions. About half of the websites now say something about whether they are accepting submissions and when they will. While many of these notes are simply that the law review is not currently accepting submissions, 17 journals [Alabama, Belmont, B.U., BYU, Colorado, Dickinson, Drexel, Hastings, Houston, Indiana-Bloomington, Maryland, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Ohio State (with limited exception), U.C.-Davis, U.C.-Irvine, and Utah] say they will open in February 2023,  [Arkansas] opens in March 2023, and 6 open in either Spring or “early” 2023 [Drake, Dule, Emory, Kentucky, Texas A & M, and William & Mary]. A handful of additional schools have indications of opening in January or February of 2022, which may or may not indicate a time frame shift.

The first chart (pp. 1-58) contains information gathered from the journals’ websites on:

  • Methods for submitting an article (such as by e-mail, regular mail, or Scholastica)
  • Any special formatting requirements
  • How to request an expedited review
  • How to withdraw an article after it has been accepted for publication elsewhere

The second chart (pp. 59-66) contains the ranking of the law reviews and their schools under six measures:

  • U.S. News: Overall Rank
  • U.S. News: Peer Reputation Rating
  • U.S. News: Judge/Lawyer Reputation Rating
  • Washington & Lee Citation Ranking
  • Washington & Lee Impact Factor
  • Washington & Lee Combined Rating

As for submission methods:
Submission portal 2
Scholastica or submission portal 2
All-symposia format 5 (several of these add an email for queries, so the total here adds to more than 196)
Email preferred 43
Scholastica or email 47
Scholastica preferred 99

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