Paul L. Caron

Monday, July 25, 2022

ExamSoft: New Windows Laptops Won't Work On This Week's Bar Exams

ABA Journal, Shortly Before July Bar Exam, ExamSoft Announces New Windows Laptops Likely Won't Run Testing Software:

Exam SoftIf you have a 2022 Windows laptop with a 12th-generation Intel Core processor, it probably won’t work for the July bar exam.

The in-person test begins July 26, and candidates were apprised of the situation the week of July 11, a spokesperson for the National Conference of Bar Examiners told the ABA Journal. 

Ars Technica, Why Can’t Intel’s 12th-Gen CPUs Pass the Bar Exam? Blame the E-cores:

Earlier this week, some people waiting to take the bar exam received a message from ExamSoft, the company that makes the Examplify software that many states use to administer the exam: PCs with Intel's latest 12th-generation Core processors are "not currently supported" because they were "triggering Examplify's automatic virtual machine check." The company's suggested solution was that people find another device to take the test with, a frustrating and unhelpful "workaround" for anyone with a new computer. ...

In previous generations, all of the cores in a given Intel CPU have been identical to one another: same design, same performance, same features. ... In 12th-gen chips, CPUs come with a mix of completely different processor cores: large, fast performance cores (or P-cores) handle the heavy lifting, while smaller, low-power efficiency cores (or E-cores) handle lighter tasks. But because operating systems and most apps are used to assuming that all CPU cores in a given system are the same, software has needed to be modified to tell the difference between the two.

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