Paul L. Caron

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Eric Talley's Commencement Address To The Columbia Law School Class Of 2022: Peerless

Eric L. Talley (Columbia), Peerless:

Columbia LogoCommencement Address to the Columbia Law School Class of 2022, on Receipt of the 2022 Willis L.M. Reese Award.

I want to thank — and express my profound admiration for — this amazing, resilient, and freakishly battle-tested Class of 2022. I have been a professor for over a quarter century, and I’d be hard pressed to recall any other class whose path has careened more unpredictably than yours, courtesy of several national and world events. And yet, here you are! For that reason, I feel especially humbled and honored to receive this recognition from this group. For everything you have gone through, Class of 2022, you stand alone.

You are, in a real sense, PEERLESS.

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