Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Calling All Lawyers: We Need You Back In Law School To Teach Our Students

Long Island Herald Op-Ed:  Attorneys, How About Teaching Law School?, by Sara J. Berman (Professor of Law and Assistant Dean of Academic Excellence and Bar Success, Touro):

Calling all lawyers: we need you back in law school, now. We need you in classrooms and clinics, in person and on Zoom. Law schools regularly post openings for full-time and adjunct positions. They also need volunteers to serve as role models and mentors, to help inspire students so they excel in doctrinal and experiential courses and pass the bar exam.

On that last point, we all know the bar exam isn’t easy. But did you know that on the last one, more than a dozen jurisdictions’ pass rates were under 50 percent? So if you’re seeking meaningful opportunities to influence our world, nothing could be more important. Law schools help shape society’s future counselors, advocates and legislators — we are responsible for the professional formation of tomorrow’s leaders. What we do, and what our graduates do, matters. The rule of law matters.

Work as a legal educator is particularly appealing (pun intended) because our students take their skills and knowledge to do well and do good. Our graduates work in private, public interest and government, handling a wide range of civil and criminal matters. ...

Why teach now? Legal education, a world that hadn’t varied much for over a century, is undergoing radical change. Law schools today are bustling with new ideas, awareness, philosophies, and ways of teaching. Licensing and law practice are evolving, driving the academy to rethink what students need to become “practice ready.” The American Bar Association just instituted new requirements for law schools to include professional identity formation and cultural competency training.

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