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Monday, June 6, 2022

The Hired Help Are All Convicted In Dan Markel's Murder. Let Retributive Justice For The Narcissist Adelson Family Begin.

Tallahassee Democrat Op-Ed:  Can Traditional 'Motives' Really Explain the Dan Markel Murder?, by Jason Solomon (Stanford; Founder, Justice for Dan):

Adelson FamilyProsecutors’ story of Magbanua’s motive was easy enough: money. But the prosecutors also had to explain the motive for those who hired her — the family of Markel’s ex-wife Wendi Adelson, specifically her brother Charlie and mother Donna, who prosecutors say led the conspiracy.

The state pointed to the Adelsons’ “desperate desire” for Wendi and her kids to relocate to South Florida, and fear of Markel’s motion to limit Donna’s unsupervised visits with her grandkids. There is lots of evidence for these motives, and the jury should hear about them again when Charlie is tried.

But do you really commit murder because you want your daughter (or sister) to live closer, or you can’t stand the idea of not being able to babysit your grandkids?

Another kind of explanation relies less on reason and more on pathology. And judging by their behavior leading up to the murder, narcissism appears to be an Adelson family trait. Experts say that when narcissists’ idealized self-image is threatened, they can get unreasonably angry. It’s called “narcissistic rage.” ...

Charlie thought his younger sister Wendi looked up to him. But she married someone more like their older brother Rob and father Harvey—academically inclined, successful professionals who Charlie had been rebelling against all his life.

If Dan threatened Charlie’s sense of self, murdering him was an act of self-actualization – a chance to be the criminal mastermind, “The Maestro” as he called himself, and a hero for the family.

Narcissistic rage is a much better explanation for this unthinkable murder, but it does not fit the concept of motive—the idea of a reason for an action that (for the killer) brings about a desired change in the world. ...

The hired help are all convicted. And with Charlie Adelson’s arrest, let retributive justice for the narcissists begin.  

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